Ukrainian Safari or the Taigan lion park

In Ukraine, in the Crimea, there is an opportunity to learn what a safari in the Ukrainian manner, for this you should visit the "Taigan" - so they call the lion park. The park is located near the hero-city of Simferopol. Here on the territory of thirty-two hectares is located the Crimean "Madagascar".

"Taigan resembles a fairy-tale town, immersed in greenery, decorated with wonderful fountains, well-groomed streets, playgrounds and cozy benches. Fussy guinea fowl, chickens with broods of chicks, and important peacocks roam freely in the park. In Taigan, quiet music is played, diluted by the sounds of nature.

Visitors to the park have the opportunity to "mingle" with lions and lions, to see the diet and feeding of these formidable cats. You can also feed monkeys, look at crocodiles, admire giraffes and raccoons, bears and ostriches.

Ukrainian Safari or the Taigan lion parkUkrainian Safari or the Taigan lion park Here you can feed the animals if you buy food in specialized stalls located on the territory of the institution. Here you can buy: nuts, bananas, seeds, apples and other treats for the inhabitants of paradise.

There are places for visitors to relax in the park. You can visit a cafe decorated with pictures of animals, sit on benches in the shade of huge trees. There is even a hotel complex, a parking area. By the way, the territory of the complex is offered to move around on an electric car.

Ukrainian Safari or the Taigan lion parkUkrainian Safari or the Taigan lion park Almost all tourists who have arrived in the "Taigan" buy souvenirs that will remind themselves of this wonderful place, where, perhaps, the most beloved universal exhibits are the lions.

Of course, there are skeptics who will say that "Taigan" is different from similar parks in Tanzania and Kenya. This is true, but after all, there is a natural environment for these animals, and for Ukraine such a complex is a unique project, which requires a lot of work of the park staff, so that the local inhabitants feel comfortable.

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