Affordable for all holidays in the Crimea

In our, very difficult times, when most people are busy making money to live, not on the last place is the position that it is worth a vacation.

Who works well - he rests well. But, unfortunately, not every worker can afford a high-quality and comfortable enough vacation, while saving a little money.

It is the Crimean peninsula that is a very worthy substitute for the Mediterranean, Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia. As for infrastructure and quality of service, we lag a little behind, but it is compensated by the geographical proximity of the Crimean resorts.

Every foodie can find exactly what he wants. Want youth noisy parties, disco till morning, expensive restaurants and clubs - take it, please. Wants young people quiet, comfortable and economical rest - choose the resort, at your discretion.

The subtropical climate, of course, will not allow you to enjoy the sea all year round, but provides almost 180 days, fully suitable for swimming.

In addition, the Ukrainian peninsula is not only the sea, but a lot of historical, cultural, architectural, natural and other things that attract the attention of interested tourists and sightseers.

Crimean mountains alone are worth a lot of attention. For fans of extreme relaxation the peninsula harbors many trails, attracting fans of active recreation from all over the world. In the Crimea is well developed following types of recreation: hiking, mountain climbing, climbing, speleotourism, biking, auto and motorcycle tourism, also in winter, practiced skiing.

Affordable for all holidays in the Crimea And in addition to all the above, I hasten to inform you that our favorite peninsula is one of the most developed winemaking provinces in Ukraine. Here there are vineyards of such companies as "Massandra", "Oreanda", "Koktebel" and others. So, for those who like to rest beautifully with a glass of fragrant wine or champagne, the Crimean peninsula is the best place.

The approach to the Crimean peninsula is very well developed by all types of transport. The railway station of Simferopol - "Gate of Crimea", meets almost 2/3 of the arriving tourists. From there, you can get to the sea by shuttle buses, shuttle buses, or by train to Sevastopol or Evpatoria. But there is also one of the longest trolleybus routes in Europe Simferopol - Alushta - Yalta. To take it for a ride is to see the Crimea.

Also for a vacation in the Crimea you can get by plane to one of the airports of Simferopol or Sevastopol. In addition, there are buses, shuttles and private transport.

We wish you a pleasant holiday. Come to the Crimea, it's waiting just for you!

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