What is Poltava famous for?

What is Poltava famous for?

Sights of Poltava

Do you love to travel? Very often it all comes down to financial possibilities. What to do if you want to relax, change the situation, but there is no money? Look around you. In every city you can find something beautiful. Let's look at Poltava. The Ukrainian city is decorated with a large lake. Here you can take a boat ride and enjoy the sunset. The weather in Poltava is not very changeable. Therefore, if you recognize it a couple of days before departure, you will have a great weekend.

What to see in Poltava?

Main attractions:

— Hull garden;

— Exaltation of the Cross Monastery;

- Cathedral Square.

What is Poltava famous for?

We suggest starting from the center and walking along the Round Square. According to legend, it was here that Peter I met with the defenders of the city. The hull garden is a favorite place for Poltava residents. Tall trees, beautiful shrubs help to forget about problems, because here you are surrounded by nature. Round Square is the most famous architectural complex of Ukraine, built in the spirit of Russian classicism. Officially, the park was opened in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Poltava in 1909.

What is Poltava famous for?

Holy Cross Monastery is an architectural monument of national importance. It was founded in the 17th century by Kalistrat, Abbot of the Mgar Monastery. The cathedral of the monastery was repeatedly restored, because it was badly damaged during the war years. The building in the Ukrainian baroque style with seven domes captivates the eyes of parishioners.

If you walk along Cathedral Square, you can see the estate of the famous writer Kotlyarevsky, the Assumption Cathedral, the Rotunda of Friendship of Peoples and the monument to Poltava dumplings.

If you want to relax in nature, stay at the recreation center and spend the weekend in the fresh air.

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