How to treat yourself while resting in Truskavets?

How to treat yourself while resting in Truskavets?

Therapeutic recreation in Truskavets

To rest and to be treated on the waters doesn't mean at all that for this purpose it is necessary to fly abroad and necessarily with a lot of money. Prudent Mother Nature gave the picturesque Carpathians a lot of mineral springs, the curative properties of which the locals have known since ancient times. Hospitable Carpathians are famous for their numerous health resorts. Truskavets sanatoriums actively use curative springs to cure various diseases.

And not without reason. Each of the fifteen healing springs has its own unique healing composition and therapeutic effect.

One water:

- restores the body's immune system;

- gastrointestinal tract;

- digestive organs.

Different Water:

- is used to treat liver diseases;

- biliary tract;

- genitourinary system.

How to treat yourself while resting in Truskavets?

For treatment in Truskavets sanatoriums, besides water, other gifts of nature are used. These include Truskavets salt and mountain wax, which is called ozokerite. It has:

- anti-inflammatory effect;

- pain-relieving effect;

- reduces blood viscosity, promoting its flow to all vessels.

Truskavets salt is used for treatment:

- respiratory tract;

- skin;

- muscles;

- joints.

Rest and treatment at Truskavets sanatoriums has different costs, depending on the level of accommodation, meals, treatment and recreation. All health resorts use high quality exclusive set of procedures. Treatment is carried out by qualified medical personnel.

In Truskavets you can not only get a quality treatment, but also choose a vacation to your liking. In the city there are a lot of entertainment centers and entertainment facilities. These can be billiard rooms, casinos, night clubs and tennis courts, gyms, saunas and swimming pools. Here you can travel daily to the cities of Pre-Carpathian region, visit Budapest, Krakow or Prague.

In the neighborhood of Truskavets you can rest and visit lots of attractions. You can go to the birthplace of Roksolana, learn all the secrets of "Naftusya" spring, visit open-air museums or churches, where you can listen to organ music.

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