Church of the Resurrection in the Crimea

Above the village of Foros rises Church of the Resurrection. It was built on a precipitous cliff called Red Rock (1892).

This monument of Russian architecture of the nineteenth century was built at the expense of A.G. Kuznetsov, who was the owner of the estate Foros. The project was made by Academician NM Chagin. In 1892 the church was consecrated by Bishop Martinian of Tauris.

This church was visited by Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, also visited here by Emperor Nicholas II.

The Church of the Resurrection was closed by the authorities in 1924. The murals of the church were painted over, the crosses were dropped, and the rector was exiled to Siberia. A snack bar for tourists operated in the church until 1969.

Church of the Resurrection in the Crimea We can say that the building was abandoned until 1992. In 1992, by decree of Leonid Kuchma (president of Ukraine), the church was restored.

Today the church resembles the temples of Moscow of the eighteenth century. The Church of the Resurrection belongs to the Byzantine temple style, which has a system of interior supports, which are pillars. The mosaics were made by an Italian master A. Salviati, and the interior was painted by artists A.K. Korzukhin. One way or another the temple became one of the symbols of the Crimean Southern coast.

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