Cave cities of the Crimea

The cave towns of ancient Kyz-Kermen and, of course, Tepe-Kermen are better accessible from Bakhchisaray, passing through Chufut-Kale and the ancient Uspensky Monastery. The city of Kyz-Kermen and the fortress Tepe-Kermen were founded in the times of feudalism. They are located on the ancient trade routes leading to Chersonesus and the fortress of Aluston (Alushta).

Archaeologists suggest that the inhabitants of these cities were mainly engaged in trade and crafts.

The city of Kyz-Kermen huddles above the Kacha River. Initially this area was a refuge for local residents, and then, with the development of trade routes, it grew into an entire city. Up to now we can still see the well-preserved wall. It was made of large stones and served as a defense for the settlement.

There are still depressions in the rock - "beds" and the ruins of the staircase that descends into the gully. Time has spared the ruins of some buildings and a grape press carved into the rock.

On the square you can still see the outlines of the streets and the ruins of individual estates. If you look to the east of Mount Kyz-Kermen, you can clearly see the high mountain called Tepe-Kermen. These two mountains are separated by a very deep ravine.

On the top of Tepe-Kermen were found the remains of not very large medieval fortifications. The age of the cities is about the same, but Tepe presumably lasted longer. The city was well fortified, as evidenced by the "battle" wall. Cave "casemates" visible from rocky cliffs are preserved in some places.

Cave cities of the Crimea About half of Tepe-Kermen square are occupied by the ruins of some large buildings. There is a cave church with a stone baptismal font to the east of the entrance. Scientists believe that Tepe-Kermen was either an early feudal castle in the Kachin Valley, or a cave monastery.

After visiting these ancient and mysterious cities, you unwittingly feel the connection of times and involvement in history. On Kyz-Kermen there is a piercing silence, and Tepe-Kermen simply fascinates you with its seeming impregnability.

When you walk through these cities, you realize that people lived here with their troubles and joys. To see with their own eyes at these unique medieval monuments, you can come to the Crimea, and going on a tour through travel agencies or privately.

In the Crimea, you can see not only the "cave towns", but many other ancient and medieval monuments.

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