Chop-Budapest passenger transportation


Transport communication between Hungary and Ukraine is provided by large logistics companies engaged in the delivery of goods. Constant movements ensure regular delivery of goods to all corners of the country. Tourists can also move freely from Hungary to Ukraine.

A large company, Yukom-Chop, operates on the passenger transportation market. It has for a long time provided comfortable travel for thousands of travelers. Transportation Chop-Budapest is carried out in accordance with the rules and legislation of the two countries.

Services provided

The company is engaged in passenger transportation. Regularly, according to the schedule, buses depart on the route Uzhgorod-Chop-Nyiregyhaza-Budapest. Flights take place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The company makes a commitment:

  • provide the passenger with comfortable conditions for travel in the presence of a travel document;
  • to bring the tourist who bought the ticket to his destination;
  • In case of flight cancellation due to carrier's fault, the ticket price is refunded in full;
  • use all possible ways to deliver passengers and luggage at the appointed time.


Chop-Budapest passenger services are operated according to the timetable, which should be clarified on the website or by contacting the telephone numbers. Information posted in brochures or on posters may not be up to date. In order not to miss your flight, it is necessary to clarify the day and time of departure.

When crossing the border, there may be delays beyond the carrier's control. Tourists who plan to continue their journey through the cities and towns of the neighboring country should take this peculiarity of the trip into account. It is better to leave well in advance, so as not to have problems with the transfer to another transport.

Company fleet

Tourists are offered comfortable buses of the Creator range by Zhong Tong Bus Company. They are characterized by durability and reliability. The interior is spacious, with cushioned seats and wide aisles.


The carrier company offers passengers a trip in a passenger, sightseeing, regular or group bus. Transport is not only comfortable and convenient, it has a high degree of reliability and safety.

There are also minivans in the arsenal of the transportation company. The eight-seater car is equipped with air conditioning and has a large luggage compartment. Small passengers are transferred in child seats. There is Wi-Fi in the cabin.

There are buses on the route every day:

  • Compass;
  • Navigator;
  • Creator;
  • Caesar.

There are LCD monitors, DVDs and air conditioning in the cabin. There is no need to leave the vehicle during the trip. The buses have toilets. Chairs are comfortable and soft, they unfold, so you can rest on the road. The carrier protects its own reputation, so passengers remain satisfied with the trip and repeatedly refer to the company Yukom-Chop.

Planting locations

To go to Budapest, you can take a bus in Uzhgorod or Chop. The average fare is 35 hryvnias. The price should be further clarified before the trip. If passengers arrive in Chop by train, in the column for additional information you must specify:

  • time of arrival of the train;
  • train number;
  • contact phone number of the passenger.

In Uzhgorod, the bus departs from the bus station "Uzhgorod-1", which is located on Stantsionnaya Street, 2. Transport departs from the platform for international flights. The departure time of the big comfortable bus is 09:35. This fact should be clarified when purchasing a ticket.


In Chop, the bus picks up passengers at the square in front of the Prigorodniy Railway Station, located at 1 Privokzalnaya Street. The bus is easy to recognize. On its windshield there is a sign with the name of the route. When departing from Chop, you need to take into account some points:

  • the time of departure from the city is 10:10:
  • If tourists arrive by train number 81, arriving at 9:46, they need to arrive on time;
  • If the train is delayed, it must be reported in advance by telephone;
  • if the delay is more than 20 minutes, the waiting issue is resolved collegially, together with other passengers.

In order not to make a mistake about the time of departure, you should take into account that the site specifies Central European time for Europe and Kiev time for Ukrainian cities. There may be a delay at the border, so the arrival time is given conditionally, without regard to contingencies. If you plan a further trip to Hungary or Ukraine, you must take into account possible delays and choose connecting flights at a later time.

Pricing policy

Affordable prices are a big plus for the company Yukom-Chop. Discounts are available for some categories of passengers:

  • The average price of a one-way ticket is 700 hryvnia, round trip - 1120;
  • for a child - 420/670;
  • for a teenager - 490/790;
  • student - 490/790;
  • retirement - 560/900.

If you buy a round-trip ticket, the trip is much cheaper. The total price includes 1 piece of luggage and hand luggage. If the dimensions of carried items are exceeded, you will need to pay 200 hryvnia surcharge.

A comfortable trip at an affordable price is the dream of every tourist who has decided to spend his vacation abroad. Yukom-Chop Company provides the best conditions for travelers. A trip with professionals will be a pleasant adventure, which will start and end an unforgettable vacation.

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