Pros and cons of vacationing in the Crimea

It's no secret that summer is a hot time, and a time for relaxation and scams. It is a scam by service providers. Summer is a gold mine for those who like to earn money from tourists by deception. After all, a tourist will not come to rest without money. Let's analyze where in the first place tourists will be cheated in the Crimea. Yes, in the Crimea, because you can hear a lot of stories about grief-hikers as from the mouths of eyewitnesses, and just scary stories.

First, we finally arrive in Crimea at the train station, or bus station, or airport. And the first thing we distinctly see and hear is a beckoner for rented apartments, and you will be brought to wherever you want to go. Sure, it's convenient, but don't forget that you might get scammed. Cab drivers overpriced fares. This year in the Crimea is just crazy prices for travel. And landlords will easily cheat you on payments for housing.

Pros and cons of vacationing in the CrimeaPros and cons of vacationing in the Crimea Secondly, entertainment venues are a complete sham. It seems that before the summer, waiters and bartenders are specially trained to deceive customers. Be careful when the waiters bring you the bill, because you can find a lot of new things there. After all, most tourists come to the cafe to relax, and often with alcohol. Then we pay the bill, and at the end we realize that we were fooled.

And finally, what kind of tourist leaves the holiday without souvenirs. Do not forget that most souvenirs are products from China, not handmade fakes. Do not believe the sellers, because from them you can hear a lot of fairy tales, but the reality is this...

This article is not intended to discourage tourists to go to the Crimea. The Crimea is a wonderful, colorful peninsula, where you can relax with great pleasure. Just remember to rest reasonably, so as not to fall for the scammers.

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