To the Crimea, for new experiences

The natural landscapes of Crimea make this region unique and attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world.

Apparently, expelling a person from paradise, God decided to leave a small piece of land, which we call Crimea, as compensation. Sea water with a high content of iodine, healing mud, mineral springs, the air itself is healing here. And all this is framed by magnificent natural landscapes: steppes and mountain ranges, open plateaus and mysterious caves. No wonder the Crimea attracted many great artists and writers, giving them inspiration for creativity.

To feel the primordial nature, it is best to travel in a large friendly company, with tents and invariable songs around the fire. Many tourists from different countries choose hiking in the Crimean region to enrich themselves with new experiences. For children, there is a huge selection of water parks, as well as dolphinariums. And local sanatoriums are happy to accept both children and adults for treatment. Indeed, from time immemorial, the proud title of the main health resort of the country has been established behind the Crimea. The cultural program of your holiday can be decorated with visits to various festivals, which are held in large numbers in the Crimea every year.

Great expanse in the Crimea for lovers of outdoor activities. Both traditional diving, windsurfing, yachting, and more extreme types of recreation. A fair share of adrenaline, but also a lot of unusual experiences can be obtained from rock climbing and exploring numerous caves. The indescribable beauty of the mountain ranges can also be enjoyed during a horse ride. And for fans of meditation, the Crimean coast will provide beautiful beaches with quartz sand and a calm, relaxing environment.

To the Crimea, for new experiences An inquisitive tourist will be pleased to supplement the rest with a tour of historical and cultural sights, which are many in Crimea. The Mediterranean, Byzantium, Greece and Rome had a great influence on the formation of the Crimean culture. Numerous architectural structures, fortresses and palaces are very attractive for filmmakers. When visiting the magnificent Vorontsov Palace, you may well get into the past era and become a witness of musketeer battles.

Rest in the Crimea will satisfy any needs, as well as add new sensations, if only you want it.

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