Bukovel - the best ski resort

Winter is here - time to go skiing! One of the types of recreation is skiing, this active pastime brings a lot of positive experiences and delights people of different ages and even different generations. But where can you rest a person who wants to perfectly ski? The answer is simple - Bukovel resort and Koruna hotel is at your service!

Bukovel Resort is the best ski resort in Ukraine and offers not only active winter recreation, but also quite a variety. Bukovel is located near the village Palyanitsa in Ivano-Frankovsk region. There is no doubt that people who've been here at least once will certainly come back here several times. Good infrastructure Bukovel, about 60 slopes of varying difficulty for skiers of all levels, discos, good hotels and just houses willing to accommodate tourists with all the flavor of Ukrainian hospitality, make Bukovel a great place to stay for the whole family.

Slopes of Bukovel resort are located on five mountains, which are connected by elevators. So, if you're skiing on one mountain, you can easily go to another one on the third mountain through the system of ski lifts. And if you visit Koruna hotel's website, not only will you be able to quickly book a great accommodation, but you'll always be aware of promotions, drawings, forecasts, air temperature and many other useful things for tourists.

Bukovel - the best ski resort While resting in Bukovel you should know a few tricks that will help you save a lot of money. First of all, you should buy a skating pass in spring on special offer, so you can get it three times cheaper. Keep in mind that the farther you travel from Bukovel, the cheaper the price for a night's stay. You can save a lot on lodging by driving just 20 kilometers from the resort. Also note that the services of an instructor is not cheap, so it makes sense to ask your friends to teach you how to ski.

I hope we managed to bring the reader up to speed a little bit about Bukovel ski resort! We are waiting for you at Bukovel, and believe us, it will be your fantastic vacation!

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