The Temple of the Donators in the Crimea

A hard-to-reach, unique place of the Crimea is Temple of the Donators. It is not easy to find in the mountain massifs of Eski-Kermen. The Temple of the Donators is a small cave church painted with frescoes on the inside, and in the past it served as a refuge for monks. The entrance is to the south and a window in the wall to the south illuminates the temple. The entrance is accessed by a cut-out staircase and is flanked by a sepulchre and a tomb.

The church got its name from the subject of the preserved frescoes, which depict the family of donors (patrons) of the church. It is also possible to discern the image of Christ, figures of saints, and evangelical stories. These frescoes are considered unique from an archaeological and artistic point of view.

The Temple of the Donators in the Crimea The temple of the Donors inside reproduces a basilica The rounded apse (altar) is separated from the nave (the rest of the room) by a step and an arch. There is an altar and a recess for the relics, which was probably covered with a wooden or marble lid. On both sides of the apse a small ledge is noticeable, along the walls benches are cut out. Inside the temple on plaster is painted with frescos, only some fragments of them survived until now. In the apse above the throne is a chalice, three figures of saints, Christ, on the left - the Mother of God, and on the right - the Forerunner (John the Baptist).

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