Bangkok's Best Shops

If you love shopping then you are in the right place: Bangkok. There are plenty of shopping malls where you can find everything from the latest fashion to books and upscale accessories. You have probably already seen the markets on the streets. But visiting the best malls in Bangkok will provide a completely different experience.

One of the main positive aspects of visiting any of the malls is the modern and air-conditioned environment. Traditional Thai markets are interesting to visit, but they are very hot and crowded, so sometimes it's good to have a change of scenery. So what can you expect from the best malls in Bangkok? We have put together a shopping malls guide in Bangkok to give you an idea of the best of them.


If you are looking for great value for money then MBK Center is definitely one of the best malls in Bangkok. It doesn't have the lavish decor of some other malls, but it's a great place to treat yourself to a reasonably priced leather bag or electronic device.

MBK Center in Bangkok

Electronics stores are located on the 4th floor, so head there if you're looking for a new phone. After shopping, you can relax and grab a bite to eat at the food court on level 6 of this 8-level shopper's paradise. MBK Center is a favorite weekend shopping destination when locals converge for hundreds of shops.

So visit the center during the week to avoid the crowds. The advantage of the center is its accessibility; Bangkok Skytrain exit at BTS National Stadium station. Find exit 4 and follow the passage to MBK Center.


Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok. © withGod / This luxury mall is a high-end shopping destination. If the MBK center is a shopper's delight, then Siam Paragon is likely to put a smile on your face if you're looking to treat yourself or a friend. 

Enter the mall on the second level, from BTS Siam Station, and you'll enter a world of high-end designer shops where Bangkok's wealthy shoppers shop. If you like the idea of downloading a digital map of Bangkok, you can purchase it from Kinokuniya books. If nature is your thing, you can end your visit with a visit to the Siam Ocean World Aquarium in the basement; although it's worth noting that tourists pay a lot more to get in than Thai locals.

Central World

If you want to go ice skating, head to the second floor of CentralWorld. Opened in 2010, the ice rink is a great place to let off steam while shopping, especially if you have kids with you. You can spend hours in this mall which is the largest one in Thailand. From banks and hairdressers, to gourmet restaurants and the latest fashions, CentralWorld has something for everyone.

Terminal 21

You are still in Bangkok, but this mall is like no other. Step into Terminal 21 and you are entering one of the city's most ingenious malls. It is a terminal building of a modern airport made of glass and metal. To complete the picture, the assistants at the information desks throughout the mall are dressed as flight attendants.


It's not the most attractive building to visit, but Pantip Plaza belongs to the list of the best malls in Bangkok for one very good reason: it's the home of all technology. From many small kiosks to flagships, hardware house and IT city, you are surrounded by everything from phones to PCs and gaming equipment.

If you're really into technology, you'll forget that the mall has seen better days and start negotiating for the best buy. Every shop does business, so don't just take the first price. Even if you can't convince the store owner to lower the price, you can get some free sweetener items.

As you walk past the shops, check the outlets outside. There you can easily and simply buy a gadget for next to nothing. But there is one thing you should know about Pantip Plaza being known as the home of counterfeit goods. It's not as bad as it sounds; most of the time these items are sold openly and you will be offered a choice between a fake or the real thing. Then the choice is yours.


If you know how to bargain, love fashion, then this mall is a must visit. The mall specializes in wholesale, so expect the best deal if you want to buy multiple items. Think of Platinum Fashion Mall as an indoor market where you can haggle with pleasure in thousands of shops.


A list of Bangkok's best malls wouldn't be complete without this ultra-modern haute couture house. If you're on a budget, you may not want to buy anything from Gucci or Prada stores. But visiting the center is interesting because of the impressive atmosphere that prevails here.

If you're in the mood for a quick bite to eat, try fine dining at the food court, where vendors include Dean & Deluca and Harrods. The 18 billion baht project was built on the site of the former British embassy and has turned the area into an ideal place for luxury shopping.


This famous mall has been Bangkok's shopping destination for over 40 years, but that doesn't mean it's tired. The building was renovated in 2013 and is a bright and eclectic inclusion in any Bangkok shopping guide. One of the great things about the Siam Center is the presence of many local fashion designers. This gives the mall a youthful, fresh and fun vibe.

If you see an item of clothing, look at the television screen to see how the clothing will look when worn. Get out of Siam Center and you can take a short ride down the connecting path to one of the other malls, Siam Paragon. We have introduced you to some of the best malls in Bangkok. Now it's up to you which one to visit.

Our Bangkok guide would not be complete without mentioning the many personal shopper's guides that are available in Bangkok. You may be surprised to need a guide when you can enjoy the shopping experience on your own. Hiring a personal guide doesn't stop you from doing this, but it does mean you can get valuable tips on where to find the best items at a reasonable price.

Another major benefit is that a personal guide can negotiate a local price for an item that you can pay more for as a tourist and that can never be a bad thing!

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