Preparing for a holiday in Thailand with children

Preparing for a holiday in Thailand with children

Traveling to Thailand with a child is an idea that many parents visit. This country is comfortable, relatively cheap, safe. Children are great here. And children really like to run along the sandy beaches, walk among the palm trees and eat fruits. There are also disadvantages.

It is not possible to give an unambiguous recommendation for everyone. But each parent must decide whether to go on vacation with a child to Thailand on their own. And if you go, when is the best time to do it.

Pros and cons of Thailand for children

The main positive aspects of Thailand as a place to relax with children:

  • comfortable climate;
  • good ecology and sea air;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits.

These are obvious advantages. They are always present, and hardly anything can change them. Disadvantages of Thailand are common for southern countries. Firstly, these are the insects of Thailand, snakes and other living creatures that are active in these parts. This imposes an additional responsibility on parents:

It is necessary to monitor the child so that something unpleasant does not happen, and he does not start playing with some representative of the local fauna.

Secondly, the sanitary and hygienic conditions in any southern region are inferior to any northern country. Whether you are relaxing on the Black Sea coast or on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand, the probability of catching some kind of bacteria is higher than in the city. Hands are washed less often, drinking water is of poor quality, food in catering establishments is prepared in violation of sanitary standards. If an adult can overcome some bacteria on his own without pronounced external symptoms, then the child's body always reacts excessively: high fever, indigestion, whims and poor health.

Unlike the positives, which are constant, the negatives of a trip are probabilistic. If everything is done correctly and the child is not left unattended, the described problems can be avoided.

At what age can you take a child to Thailand

On the plane when flying to Thailand, you can meet mothers with babies. Here, each parent independently weighs all the pros and cons. If we talk about a child, it is obvious that up to 2 years there is no need for a radical change in climate and environment. Moreover, the immunity of the child is only being formed. All parents know how often and with what acute symptoms children get sick at an early age. The immune system reacts violently to everything unknown. In a distant land, there are many of this unknown, and it will attack the baby.

From the age of 2, on the contrary, the trip will only benefit. The child will be interested. For the body, this is the best training and hardening.

How many days and what season is best to go

It makes no sense to go on vacation for a week: acclimatization will take three or four days - and then it’s already going back. The child will still not understand anything, and may not even remember the trip. It is worth considering options, starting with a two-week vacation. Further - it all depends on individual needs and opportunities. If time and money allow, you can stay for a month. This is a hundred times more useful than sitting in a dusty gassed city, in which there is nowhere to walk.

Thailand is warm all year round. If we talk about the preferred season, then you need to take into account the following: the winter months are almost without rain, but the trip will cost more, there will be many tourists, plus acclimatization is longer, because the climatic change is sharp.

March-April are the hottest months, there are few rainy days, but prices are already lower. From May to October is the wet season, but the air temperature is 5 or more degrees lower than in previous months. Long rains at night, during the day - short and warm, and not every day.


  • accommodation is 2 times cheaper;
  • the beaches and streets are half empty;
  • extremely hospitable Thais.

When choosing when to go, proceed from what is closer to you. But if you don't plan on diving and sailing to the islands, then perhaps the summer months will be the best option.

Where is the best place to stay

Definitely higher. A paradise private house on the beach among palm trees is a tropical myth for tourists. Various living creatures crawl into any house standing on the ground, and ants with cockroaches can even live in the house. For most northern people, all this is extremely unpleasant, and in some cases it can be dangerous. Therefore, it is better to stay higher - in hotels or condominiums. Living creatures do not get there, and the administration monitors the sanitary condition.

Pros of staying in a hotel:

  • Possibility of full board;
  • room service;
  • babysitting services;
  • children's rooms and playgrounds;
  • private beach (if the hotel is located on the coast);
  • the opportunity to communicate with fellow tourists.

Pros of an apartment in a condominium:

  • cheaper than in a hotel;
  • lack of tourists.

If you intend to cook porridge on your own in the morning, then it is better to rent a house with a kitchen.

Whether to book accommodation in advance

Yes, book a hotel. Do not wander around with the child in search of housing. But book for the first few days. You may not like your home. Remote booking is bad because in reality, housing is much worse than in the picture. If the accommodation suits you, you can extend your stay. If not, take a walk and look for something else: you can actually find much cheaper and better located housing on the spot. An ideal place where you can go to Thailand with a child, Phuket. Secondarily: Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Krabi. To a lesser extent, the islands: Koh Phangan and Koh Chang, others at your discretion.

What to take with you

Take with you the essentials for the first time. Buy everything else as needed when you arrive at the place. In Thailand, there are Western-style supermarkets that sell diapers, dry formulas for children, and baby food cans, as well as cereals, cereals, etc. There are special stores with children's clothes and toys in shopping centers. In general, if you live not quite in the outback, then you will not find a big difference between the assortment in stores in your homeland and in Thailand.

If you use a stroller, then it makes sense to take a folding option with you. The child will be more familiar on vacation, and the parents will be more comfortable. If anything, buying a stroller in Thailand is not a problem, you can find it at a very reasonable price. The most necessary in the article: what to take with you to Thailand.

Things to do with kids in Thailand

Thailand has good recreational opportunities. Here are the main pastime ideas:

  • relax on the beach;
  • visit zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, nature reserves, insectariums with butterflies;
  • if the age of the child is favorable, go on educational excursions to Buddhist temples, medieval fortifications and other cultural and historical attractions;
  • harden and physically strengthen the body by daily swimming;
  • visit water parks.

All this has a positive effect on the child. He becomes more active, mobile, shows interest, curiosity. Warmth, sun and normal physical activity contribute to the harmonious development of the child.

Do you need medical insurance

There is no mandatory requirement for health insurance. But, it is clear that in order to be on vacation in peace, it is better to insure. At least a child. If you need medical assistance, you can contact the specified insurance phone without too much fuss, and you can be sure of the acceptable qualifications of doctors.

Special travel insurance programs are offered by the Thai government. The insurance covers a wide range of cases occurring within the country at a very reasonable price. As an alternative, you can always use the services of Russian or international insurance companies, more details in the article: why you need insurance in Thailand.

Helpful hints

Useful notes for those who travel to Thailand to relax with children. When a child has a runny nose, he should not fly in an airplane. Due to sudden pressure drops, the risk of developing barotraumatic otitis media is high. This is especially true for children under 2 years of age.

Consider a night flight. Beware of Thai mosquitoes: use mosquito repellents. Do not let your child eat a lot of fruits at once. Especially the ones he hadn't met before. Do not abuse the sun on vacation. The hottest time of the day is best spent in an air-conditioned room and no Thai food outside!

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