Impressions of a summer vacation in Montenegro

Impressions of a summer vacation in Montenegro

Last year in 2011 I visited Montenegro with my family. Our route was along the Adriatic coast. Can you imagine - the beginning of summer, the tourist season had just opened. And suddenly you find yourself in a real earthly paradise. Nature, mountains, the cleanest air and the sea.

You get the impression that they're just waiting for you here. It does not matter at all whether you are in the city or in a small village like Sutomore. The people around are hospitable, open, friendly and always ready to help.

Along the coast there are a lot of summer cafes, where you can order a cup of coffee or a cool beer and sit all day, enjoying the nature and the sea. All summerhouses have wi-fi, you can easily access the Internet and be aware of all the events in the world.

Impressions of a summer vacation in Montenegro As for the sea - that's a separate story. I have never seen such a sea. The blue abyss is mesmerizing. You can just swim here or take a boat trip. Who likes fishing, silence or pristine nature, you can visit Skadar Lake - a real nature park in the center of the country. The impressions are unforgettable. Make all kinds of excursions, you can buy tickets from distributors on the waterfront or hotel guides.

Buying all kinds of permits will give your vacation a lot of positive emotions and expand your inner horizons.

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