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Now the choice of the countries where it is possible to go to have a rest, is very rich. The traveler can visit the most various resorts: Bulgaria, Greece, Sri Lanka, Spain, Egypt and etc.


Why choose Turkey?

Advantages of Turkey

Why should you rest in Thailand, not in Turkey?

Advantage of rest in Thailand

Turkey or Thailand — what to choose?

But the greatest demand is for tours to the Turkish and Thai coasts. Where is the best place to relax in Thailand or Turkey? Let’s understand …

Why choose Turkey?

In Turkey surprisingly bright, beautiful, rich in ancient monuments of architecture and historical landmarks country. Perfect for a holiday with your family.

Advantages of TurkeyAdvantages of Turkey

Let’s consider the advantages of choosing this particular country:

Flight. Much closer to Europe and Russia than Thailand. The road takes only a few hours.

Adaptation. In local hotels, a lot of Russian-speaking vacationers. The attendants also speak Russian. The Turks are very hospitable people, appreciating family traditions. The country has a rather low crime rate.

Price. The cost of vouchers is acceptable, and the «all inclusive» system pleasantly indulges abundance of dishes. In the market and in shops for payment accept dollars and euro.

Food. Soups and garnishes, generally habitual and familiar for the Russian-speaking population, from grain, cheeses, meat, seafood dishes and also various salads.

Geographical arrangement. The country is washed at once by four seas. Pebble beach. The coast of the Black Sea isn’t used for rest.

Climate. Seasonal weather conditions. The climate is similar to weather in the countries of the former CIS. It is better to acquire vouchers during a summer season. Summer here fine, but also it comes to an end. By fall becomes cold.

Rest and entertainments. It is useful to visit mineral sources in Pamukkale for general improvement, at respiratory diseases and skin. The «star» system of classification of hotels works. It is possible to visit excursions on the largest and known underground cities of Cappadocia, monuments of the past and mythological civilizations, to make walks on the Turkish mountains with huge stone statues. In Turkey you will have a unique opportunity to contemplate improbable beauty architectural structures. For vacationers entertainment programs, discos and concerts are provided. There is everything for quiet rest: relax, animation, evening shows.

Conclusion: Turkey is a paradise for budget travel. It is closer than Thailand and less expensive. A wide range of comfortable hotels of different levels: three, four, five stars. All-inclusive system. Habitual for many of us is climate and food. Russian-speaking society.

An excellent choice for those who are looking for «where cheaper to rest», does not know foreign languages, does not like excessive heat and unfamiliar exotic dishes.

Why should you rest in Thailand, not in Turkey?

What should be known before going to Thailand instead of Turkey:

Flight. The way from Central Europe will take about 10 hours. For families with children it is especially heavy.

Adaptation. Thais very friendly people, treat tourists kindly. Locals and service personnel know only English. But many natives of Russia live in Pattaya, in the Russian village their main part is concentrated.

Climate. Summer here lasts forever. A voucher can be purchased at any time of the year. Average air temperature + 30. High humidity.

Food. If you are a true gourmet — you are obliged to visit Thailand, but not the Turkish coast. In this country you will really see, and you will even try exotic cuisine. Never you know, you will eat what in a plate, or it will eat you. Fried cockroaches and grasshoppers are everywhere widespread. It is a lot of fruit with an unusual look, taste and a smell: durian, jackfruit, pink apples. Seafood: fish, squids, shrimps, lobsters, mollusks, crabs. Thai vegetables: seeds of a huge tree, fragrant onions, the Beijing cabbage in a dried, boiled and marinated look. The frogs called here by «rice chickens» and insects in sauce — food for an amateur.

Geographical location. Located in the south-west of the Indochina Peninsula. The beach is sandy.

Rest and entertainment. A variety of night clubs and youth «parties» will please young people. And health-improving complexes, walks on elephants, excursions to Thai temples decorated with gold, a decor from skulls of dragons and other monsters, will help to spend an unforgettable time. It will be interesting to visit the unique reef gardens of Poseidon. In Thailand you will be shown: a show with snakes, monkeys and the world’s only crocodile farm. Diving, hiking, rafting and kayaking, climbing and jumping from the waterfall Tan Rattana — the best offer for lovers of extreme recreation.

Thailand is a unique country, it is experiencing a special atmosphere. Its main secret is incredible beauty of nature, which amazes with its uniqueness and diversity.

Here you will have a great rest and will be satisfied with the trip.

The only unpleasant moment is a rather damp climate and a very long flight, but the journey is worth it.

Advantage of rest in ThailandAdvantage of rest in Thailand

Rest in Thailand is completely different from the rest in the Turkish resorts, and for health is much more useful.

This is evidenced by several facts:

The local food helps to lose weight, it is less caloric, contains a lot of substances necessary for the body;

Massage in Thailand is available every 100 meters and cheap enough — within $ 10, while in Turkey its cost is $ 25;

Thai air helps to be cheerful, to have a wonderful state of health, because it’s not for nothing that so many elderly people are resting in Pattaya.

Turkey or Thailand — what to choose?

The answer is obvious. Choose a country in which you will be easier to adapt. In both countries there is a visa-free regime. The stamp in the passport is placed at the customs station. The level of service in both directions is the same — at a high level.

Have you decided on the choice already? Decided where to rest better in Turkey or Thailand? Do not hesitate! Rather, book tours and go on a trip! Have a great time!

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