Saving on sightseeing tours with an audio guide

Saving on sightseeing tours with an audio guideAudio Guide In the Soviet era, all Soviet tourists on a tour in a foreign country followed the local guide, listening attentively to his narratives about local sights. Back then, it was hard to imagine that in the 21st century there would be no need for a "live" guide at all.

Modern technology has been able to offer tourists the use of audio guides, which can replace a real tour guide. For example, if you go on a tour of Moscow, activate an audio recording on your smartphone or tablet and, while visiting Moscow sights, listen to a story about their history. Very convenient! But where can you get the necessary audio guides?

There are many resources and services specialized in audio guides, but judging by the many positive reviews, the most popular and convenient audio guides are offered by It is this service that offers a huge variety of audio guides, which are available for free download for any smartphone using various operating systems.

Saving on sightseeing tours with an audio guideAudio Guide

The use of audio guides is very functional. For example, you have been to many countries and consider yourself an experienced tourist. And then you are invited to visit Peru. Using the services of this portal, download an audio guide, which will tell you about Cuzco, and with peace of mind go on a trip.

You can also use audio guides by downloading a special application to your smartphone. Then you can listen to the descriptions online. In many countries, Wi-Fi is now distributed almost everywhere, which will save you the trouble of excessive traffic consumption.

Saving on sightseeing tours with an audio guideAudio Guide

Another advantage of using the audio guide is the ability to pause and resume the narration. Suppose you were walking along Arbat and discovered an interesting store along the way. It is enough to pause the audio guide, and after visiting the store, press "Start" and continue listening to the fascinating story about Arbat.

It is noteworthy that all audio guides offered by are free. And if you want, you can make your own guide, and then it can be used by other tourists.

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