A Sheep Farm in Pattaya: What's So Interesting There


To vacation in Thailand and not go to Pattaya is not to see anything! For many years, this city on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand welcomes visitors from all over the world and gives them an unforgettable experience. Everything is made for the convenience of travelers and tourists.

A sheep farm is a symbol of the resort

The farm opened almost five years ago and in that time has become a highlight and almost a symbol of the resort. Even people who come to Pattaya for the second and third time, do not bypass and again visit this place. Such an unusual and attractive.

Admission costs 60 or 250 baht, depending on whether you want to see the sheep show. Children up to 110 centimeters tall get in for free. 

It doesn't take long to get to the farm - it's only five kilometers from the city center.

What to see at a sheep farm in Pattaya

It is worth saying at once that in addition to sheep on the farm there are many other animals: horses, turtles, donkeys, antelope. 

Everywhere there are displays and installations stylized as a cartoon sheep world, where sheep live their lives similar to humans - going to work, getting married, celebrating Halloween. It creates a feeling of total immersion in this funny and at the same time cute world.

Some areas of the sheep farm in Pattaya can be called a kind of "rustic" zoo. There are open pens with cute rabbits, pigs, and even fawns. Here you can also buy some food for the animals and feed them.

What else is there to do on the farm?

And if the animals suddenly bore the children, they can always get out their energy in the equipped playgrounds with swings, climbing nets and other things. On the other playground there are models of airplanes and helicopters, on which you can climb and play with other children to your heart's content.

In addition, there are paid rides - carousel-trains and trampoline. The cost is 40 baht. For older children and adults there is a shooting gallery and a mini Ferris wheel. If you want, you can ride horses.

Would you like to eat? You will be given that opportunity. There are several options - a simple cafe and a solid restaurant. 

A bit of Thailand's ethnic culture is expressed here in the floating market. You can take a boat ride down the canal, sailing up to the souvenir vendors and buying a memorable trinket.

The care for visitors, expressed in the canopies, which are located throughout the farm, helping to escape from the hot almost equatorial sun, is a pleasant surprise.

The atmosphere at the sheep farm in Pattaya is special - homely and cozy, as if you have come to visit your grandmother, who lives so far away in the Thai exotic.

When vacationing in Thailand, be sure to visit a sheep farm in Pattaya. Hundreds of vivid photos that you will want to watch over and over again are guaranteed, and the emotions you get here will stay with you for a lifetime.

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