The Pearls of Krabi VIP Excursion

Excursion Pearl

Tour the most famous places of Krabi province without the crowds and rush!

The journey begins with a visit to the most famous Temple - the "Cave of the Tiger". Around the Temple is incredibly beautiful, the rock fits neatly into the surrounding scenery. Not far from the sacred place there is an ascent to the mountain (1260 steps)

In fact, Tiger Cave is a temple located at the foot of a 600-meter steep mountain. The rock near the temple supposedly resembles the shape of a tiger's claw, hence the names "Tiger Cave" and "Tiger Cave".

Tiger Temple in Krabi

The locals tell a legend by word of mouth that a tiger once lived in this cave, the roar of which was heard daily in the neighborhood, terrifying the inhabitants of the area. When the tiger was gone, Buddhist monks settled in the cave and live there to this day.

This sacred place is located right in a natural cleft, and it blends in perfectly with its surroundings.

The Tiger Temple Cave is the most interesting temple complex in southern Thailand. The monks live here in a labyrinth of natural caves, and the surrounding area is a tropical jungle with centuries-old trees. Here you can learn about the characteristics of Buddhist culture and art, as well as get a blessing from the local monks, who, after reading a prayer, will tie a special ribbon on your arm for good luck.

Tiger Temple in Krabi

After the ascent to the summit, you'll find pools with natural mineral springs with different temperature regimes (from 28 degrees to 45 degrees). Hot baths will help you relax your muscles after climbing the "path of purification" and will give you strength and energy. It is important to remember that it is recommended to stay in the water no more than 30 minutes and take breaks in bathing, and this recommendation is really worth adhering to.

After the lunch break, swim in the crystal clear Emerald Lake, with its characteristic turquoise water. It is a natural pool in the rock, into which water from geothermal springs flows. The lake is about 30 meters in diameter and no more than 2 meters deep; it is suitable for swimming and is considered the largest lake in the park.

Emerald lake

Reserve Sra Morakot or Emerald Pond ("Emerald Pond") is rightly ranked among the unique attractions of Thailand, and is a patch of rainforest with two amazing lakes.

The entire area of the park is well organized, with special wooden paths-bridges made for hiking trails. The emerald-colored pool with cool water is fed by high-altitude streams that pass through carbonate-calcium rocks and form beautiful and interesting calcium deposits downstream. The water is indeed emerald in color, and there are fish swimming in the depths. At different times of the day, the color of the lake changes depending on the light.

Emerald lake

After walking about four hundred meters along the path in the rainforest, you will see a real miracle of nature - the Blue Lake. It is an amazing and beautiful place. Swimming in the blue lagoon is not allowed so as not to disturb the natural idyll that makes this place truly unique and fabulously beautiful - but the views of this gem of Krabi will not leave you indifferent.

08:00 Transfer from the hotel
09:30 Visit to the Temple of the Tiger; climb to the top
12:30 Visit to the thermal hot springs
13:30 Lunch at a Thai restaurant
14:30 Bathing in the Emerald Lake; visiting the blue lake
16:00 Transfer to the hotel

The price includes:

- Individual transfer
- Admission tickets to the hot springs and emerald lake
- Drinking Water
- Russian speaking guide
- Accident insurance

Not included in the price:

- Lunch at a Thai restaurant

What to take with you:

- swimwear
- towel
- sunscreen
- clothing for entering the Temple (shoulders and knees covered)
- camera
- good mood

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