Excursion to the paradise islands of Phi Phi

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Archipelago in the Andaman Sea is a living illustration of the expression "paradise," where the water is blue, the sand is whiter than snow, and all nature seems untouched by man. Three of the seven islands, speedboat boat ride, coral reef exploration, and an informative introduction to Krabi province and the most stunning sites of Phi Phi Phi await you.

What awaits you

History of Krabi Province

Find out where the name of the province came from and why crossed swords were part of the official seal, what ancient artefacts have been found here during excavations, and what role Krabi province played in the past for trade routes in Asia. Krabi was once a big elephant camp and today Krabi Town is a big fishing port. The story of the province's most striking characteristics awaits you.

Phi Phi Islands

Cinematic Coves and Viking Cave

The paradise islets of the Phi Phi archipelago couldn't be overlooked by beauty-lovers - these picturesque pieces of land have been favored by film producers and filmmakers. We'll show you the filming locations of two famous movies and tell you how the filmmaking process turned out for the bay's shoreline, the Thai government, and the Hollywood guys.

After that you will go to the Viking Cave, where you will unravel the secret of the name of this sacred place for Thais, and see the swifts of the salangan, whose nests are considered a popular and very expensive delicacy in Asian cuisine.

Phi Phi Islands

Water fun

The islands of Phi Phi are surrounded by colorful coral reefs, so you'll have the chance to go snorkeling and see all the inhabitants of these depths and the corals themselves bizarre forms. Swim in one of the best beaches on Bambu Island and dive into the "rejuvenation lagoon" surrounded by 100 meter high cliffs. And in between water adventures you will have lunch in a Thai restaurant and get acquainted with the national cuisine.

Phi Phi Islands

Organizational details

  • The tour is conducted by a team of guides.
  • Optional entrance fee to the national park (the archipelago of Phi Phi): adults - 400 baht, children - 200 baht. Everything else is included, including snorkeling equipment.
  • For children under 3 years old free of charge. For children from 4 to 11 years old - 1400 baht.


  • 08:30 Transfer from the hotel
  • 09:00 Arrival at the pier, transfer to the speedboat, introduction to the guide
  • 10:00 Arrival at Bamba Island. Free time
  • 11:00 Snorkeling off the coast of Bambu Island
  • Arrival in Maya Bay. Free time
  • 12:00 Arrival at Maya Bay (no beach landing). Snorkeling
  • 13:00 Arrival at the Viking Cave
  • 13:30 Lunch at a Thai restaurant
  • 14:00 Arrival at Phi Phi Lei Lagoon
  • 15:00 Visit to Monkey Beach
  • 16:00 Return to the pier
  • 16:30 Arrival at the hotel

Phi Phi Islands

The price includes:

  • transfer from / to the hotel
  • snorkeling equipment;
  • life jackets
  • drinking water
  • fresh fruit
  • Lunch (Thai cuisine)

Not included in the price:

- Entrance to the national park (400 baht for adults; 200 baht for children)

What to take with you: 

- swimwear
- sunscreen
- towel
- good mood

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