Sightseeing tour of Krabi Town

Krabi Town

Krabi is one of the most beautiful provinces of Thailand, not for nothing here is the Royal residence.

An overland tour of Krabi includes visits to Krabi Town, where you can see the unusual traffic lights held by Neondertals.

Immediately in the center of the city is a Buddhist temple, made in white and decorated with national architectural models (going back to the Chinese samples).

A staircase leads up to the temple, whose "railings" are in the form of dragon-like snakes - nagi. The bright emerald-gold snakes-dragons look mesmerizing against the white steps and amaze visitors with their size.

The official name of the temple is Wat Kaew Korawaram.

Wat Kaew KorawaramIts construction began in 1887 and served as a dwelling for monks. One day one of them, a monk named Pak Nam, brought and planted two trees whose fruit could cure raging malaria and fever in the locals and the monks in particular.

In gratitude for the healing, the people worked together to build a residence in honor of Monk Pak Nam, which provided a place for religious activities.

The development of the temple complex was undertaken by the monks, and as their numbers increased, more and more halls were created to house them during construction. These dwellings are still used to this day to accommodate monks and pilgrims who come to the White Temple.

The inside of the temple is decorated with colorful paintings of stories from the life of the Buddha. And in the very center of the hall stands a golden statue of the seated Buddha.

golden statue of a seated buddha

Then you take an individual boat to Mount Khao Khanap Nam (two rocks that are the symbol of Krabi Town).

Between the rocks is a cave that served as a home for ancient people and a gathering place for the Japanese military during World War II.

After the walk along the river, we will take stunning photos against the backdrop of a sculpture of crabs on the banks of the picturesque river and at the monument to the eagle.

River walk


  • 09:00 departure from the hotel
  • 10:00 Arrival in Krabi Town
  • 10:30 Visit to the White Temple
  • 11:30 Transfer to the long-tail boat; journey on Mount Khao Khanap
  • 13:30 Crab Sculpture
  • 15:00 Arrival at the hotel

The price includes:

- private car tour
- accident insurance
- Russian speaking guide
- drinking water
- entrance tickets

Not included in the price:

- nutrition

What to take with you: 

- sunscreen
- Shawl for entering the temple (covered shoulders and knees)
- headgear
- comfortable shoes
- good mood

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