When is the best time to go on vacation in Egypt?

When is the best time to go on vacation in Egypt?When is the best time to go on vacation in Egypt? Egypt - without a doubt, one of the most accessible of the countries for tourists to vacation. The country, which has both its inexpressible color and history and culture, which are very individual and differ significantly from the culture in Russia. It is very ancient and the more interesting for the guests. Not only is there something to see and be constantly amazed, many people go there to rest because of the beauty of the Red Sea. Once on this magnificent sea once, remember it for life. This beauty can not be found anywhere else in the sea or ocean. Abundance of all kinds of fish stuns with its brilliance, having been there it is impossible not to do scuba diving. In order to see all the beauty with their own eyes, and if you get, then even touch and feel some of the individuals of the underwater world. Corals, which is also famous for the sea, there is a huge amount of them, all kinds of beauty.

When choosing a time for a vacation, you should keep in mind the peculiarities of Egypt's climate. Most of the Egyptian summer is an incredible heat during the day the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius, but at night it is much colder. The daily variations in temperature are significant. Visiting Egypt in May, it is worth bearing in mind that the daytime temperature in this month is on average 30 degrees, and at night it never drops below 20 degrees. This month is considered the mildest in terms of climate. It was during this period there can be almost no rain, and swim very comfortably, because the water in the sea is already heated to a temperature of 24-26 degrees. Because of this the number of tourists increases, demand breeds supply, the most expensive tours in May, charter flights fly several times more often.

You can choose any resort town, everywhere will be comfortable. But, for example, in Hurghada will be not only comfortable in terms of weather conditions, but also interesting. A small town with a population of literally 90 thousand people, knows how to receive guests, most locals live off tourists. Many easily, or so that you can understand, communicate in Russian and English. As the resource proegypet.ru assures, usually, there are no special problems associated with communication. A large number of hotels, from economy to business class, will not leave any purse. It all depends on the desires and abilities, you can choose a simple hotel, or rest in a big way.

When is the best time to go on vacation in Egypt?When is the best time to go on vacation in Egypt?In Hurghada it is worth a visit to the beach, it is certainly better to go scuba diving and if you have enough courage, you should try your hand at the Carles Reef. If the sea is a little bored, you can safely go on an excursion to the temple. Luxor and Carnaxius are under the open sky and more like a museum. Few will be left indifferent to these places. The sheer number of columns, the grandeur and grace captivates its beauty. Do not ignore the main central mosque of the city, it also strikes with its beauty and monumentality, the construction was built of white stone, and inside it all is decorated as oriental rich and expensive. But only Muslims are allowed in, the rest will only have to guess about the interior decoration and beauty.

It is definitely worth visiting Egypt to leave your individual impression and memories, which are sure to be positive. The main thing is not to forget that we are guests there and should behave a little more modestly - the country is Muslim, with its prohibitions, which is better not to break, and stick to the rules.

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