Coral Island near Phuket - hotels, beaches and entertainment

Coral Island is a small piece of land near the south coast of Phuket, more precisely the pier (Rawai Pier), about 500 meters wide and 2500 long. In Thai it is called Koh Hei (Koh translates as "island" directly). However, if you say "Coral Island", you will be understood. And yet, why this particular island is popular?

It's quite easy and simple, this is the place where you can relax your mind and body, forget about problems and worries, and plunge into a world of beauty and wildlife. Such an opportunity is provided by Coral Island, where there are white sandy beaches, clean and warm water, and incredible beauty of the scenery.

How to get there

It is quite close, 5 km from Phuket, the pier (Rawai Pier), and 10 km from Chalong Pier. Let's take a look at the 3 most famous ways to get to this fabulous island:

You can book an excursion. It will cost about 1000 baht per person. This includes: transfer from the hotel to the pier and back, lunch and the transfer itself both ways. The advantages of this option is the comprehensiveness of the solution you are given, as well as the food. The downsides are that this option is expensive, especially if you come as a family or in a group.

Coral Island on the map

It is also possible to order a local wooden boat, its rental will cost you 1500 baht. They depart mainly from the pier Chalong. It is worth noting that this is a cheaper option, provided that you have a few people. But of the disadvantages is self-catering on the island and your movement to and from the pier.

One of the options is to get by speedboat. The typical cost is 500 baht per person. But you can safely haggle, as the boats are large in number and less willing. Regardless of whether you manage to reduce the price or not, it is quite a reasonable option for a large company.

Also note that a boat or speedboat will be waiting for you on the island throughout your stay. You can also arrange with them to stop at other nearby islands that are worth your attention. Such an outing from Phuket Island is a great opportunity to get out on the water, visit new places and relax, because such small islands are more quiet and peaceful because of the smaller number of tourists.

Beaches and hotels

Of course, the main purpose of your trip will be recreation, both active and just a chance to lie on the cleanest sand and swim in the velvet water. Therefore, an important question is where to implement all your wishes.

Phuket Coral Island Resort 3

▣ Phuket Coral Island Resort 3*

There are only two beaches: Long Beach and Banana Beach. Long Beach has a greater length, 800 meters, than Banana Beach, 200 meters. But the first one has a lot more tourists, boats and boats, because this is where they bring most of the excursions. If you choose to get your own, you can be dropped off at any convenient location.

But Long Beach has its own advantage, it is more developed infrastructure, this is where the only hotel on the island and a small number of cafes, where you can eat. The best option is to disembark at Long Beach, explore it, and then move to Banana Beach, it's not far, and appreciate the charms and condition of the second beach.

There is only one hotel on Coral Island - "Coral Island Resort. The cost is approximately 3,000 baht for a superior bungalow for 2 adults, this also includes breakfast. The price is not cheap, but you do not have to choose.

Reviews about the hotel are different, it all depends on what you expect, and what you prefer on vacation.

Hotel and beaches on the map

One of the downsides is the power outage, but it happens at a time when people are usually on the beach. Wi-Fi is only at the reception. As such, there is no entertainment program, there is only live music.

Of course from the significant pluses is the sea and the beach. Also, the hotel may arrange certain events and promotions, so it's just worth keeping an eye out for updates. Take into account that the price only includes breakfast, so you will have to eat lunch and dinner on your own. This is a very important point for those who go with children. There is a restaurant at the hotel and small cafes, as well as a large variety of fruits.


Here the entertainment is provided by nature itself, because the main motive of the trip is to relax and admire the beauty. It is recommended to bring flippers, mask and snorkel, so you can see the underwater world. And since the water there is quite clean, you do not have to dive deep. According to reviews, everyone is inspired by the striped fish, which you can even feed, but it is still better to do it together with an instructor.

  • Possible option of diving, as well as renting a jet ski.
  • Fly on a parachute, which will be attached to the boat (this process is also called parasailing), you can see all the beauty of nature from above.

Coral Island Resort organizes four-day diving courses, they are in English, so if you have a high level, you can take part. There are also lessons on how to create a painting, using the batik technique.

Another option would be, a real Thai massage, open cabins are right on the beach, so you can combine business with pleasure.

Islands to visit

Not far from Coral Island are such islands as Racha and Khai.


These are two islands Racha Yai and Racha Noi, on the first are hotels, bungalows, and the second - is mostly mountains and a small strip of beach, it is known to divers-professionals, as well as fishermen.

Racha Yai and Racha Noi

▣ The cozy islands of Racha Yai and Racha Noi.

Racha Yai (sometimes simply called Racha) is a place for those who are tired of hectic, noisy life. It is an opportunity to rest, relax, you can also ride a horse or bike. This island is quite small. You usually come to it for a day or a weekend. You can get from the main island of Phuket (sightseeing or self-guided option), and also stop by after Coral.

This island has several beaches of varying lengths, on which there are hotels with a fairly well-developed infrastructure. There is also an observation deck on Racha, where you can admire the beauty of the magical nature.

Khai Islands

This is also a group of islands consisting of 3: Khai Nok, Khai Nai and Khai Nui. The distance between them is about 500 meters. The largest of them is famous for corals, underwater world, rocks. You can feed the fish and even see dolphins.

The infrastructure is not very developed, there are a few stores where you can buy souvenirs, drinks, ice cream.

The middle one is quite unusual, one might say unbelievable, because it has freakishly shaped stones, and on them stands a bar, which offers a beautiful view of the sea. And the latter is also similar to its "big brothers". You can swim and dive there.

In fact, Coral Island is an opportunity to escape from everyday life, hustle and bustle and problems, to penetrate into the real nature, to rest your mind and relax your body. And also the opportunity to get acquainted with the local beauty, cuisine and traditions. So do not miss the chance to give yourself happiness.

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