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clubs in Phuket

Phuket differs from other resorts in that after the sun goes down life here does not reduce its intensity. The vacationers move from the beaches and pools to the streets, where there are numerous entertainment venues.


  • Clubs in Patong
  • illuzion
  • Seduction
  • Higher
  • White Room
  • Tiger Disco
  • VIP Room
  • Phuket Town Clubs

Some of them are represented by bars and tables directly in the open air. Others are indoor establishments such as bars, restaurants, go-go strip shows and others. Among them are nightclubs in Phuket. Here, of course, do not come to play Richie Hawtin or Carl Cox. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the night establishments of the island can quite compete with the European clubs.

Clubs in Patong

The main discos are located in Phuket in Patong area. This is, above all, the famous Bangla Street - a place extremely touristy. The road is a pedestrian zone, comes alive with the arrival of evening twilight and is a half kilometer of neon signs and loud music playing in street bars.

clubs in Phuket

Here you can walk, drink beer, watch street performances, go to souvenir stores for gifts. Consider the most famous clubs for foreigners in Patong.


The illuzion show and disco, although it has an error in name, is an absolutely unmistakable place for a night out. The owners have paid due attention to sound and light, installed a large LED screen for projection of video installations - in general, it is a modern and very pro-Western project, which takes into account the needs of the public sophisticated in nightlife.


There is only one dance floor, but it is big enough, with a stage on which shows are shown. By the way, there are dancers and dancers from Russia, Ukraine and other countries. There is traditionally a VIP chillout. A separate area is a balcony with tables and a bar for those who are tired of loud music.

The venue can accommodate up to 4,500 guests - it's the biggest nightclub not only on Bangla Street in Phuket, but in the whole of Thailand. The music format is European house.

Open: с 22.00

Location: 31 Bangla Road - in Ocean Plaza Patong on the second floor.


Club Seduction is part of an entertainment complex called Seduction Complex and is located on its second floor. There is a large dance floor with commercial dance music and bar chillout areas for guests to relax in. To cool off, guests can take the stairs to the outdoor terrace overlooking nighttime Patong. Here, too, you can socialize in relative silence or watch midnight life on Bangla Street from above.


Seduction is known for inviting foreign DJs to play: for example, David Morales from the USA and Goldie from the UK have played here. The club has a VIP area with sofas and tables.

Open: 22.00-4.00

Location: Bangla Road is across from Moulin Rouge.


This place works as a restaurant until 22.00 and as a dance nightclub afterwards. Stylish interior, sliding glass roof, good music - all this makes Higher not a bad place to relax.

Open: 18.00-01.00

Location: on the roof of the Seduction Complex.

White Room

A stylish place made in an unusual for institutions of this format white color. White walls, tables and sofas make the room light and a bit glamorous. The music program is just like this - r&b hits, dance remixes of famous compositions, commercial house.


White Room is a small but cozy place. There is a separate VIP-zone with 12 tables and a bar area for 50 seats.

Open: с 22.00

Location: Soi Gonzo — недалеко от Bangla Road.Tiger Disco

This establishment is a huge entertainment complex occupying three floors of a detached building. The previous Tiger Disco burned down. Today's Tiger Disco was built elsewhere, and the owners seem to have drawn conclusions and worked on safety.

tiger club

The first floor is the bar area. There are several dozen counters. There are girls working at each of them who are ready to keep a lonely visitor company. The girls are not very modest, but also unobtrusive, and they are very social. Their main goal is to create a mood of the visitor to keep him in the institution as long as possible. If you like a girl, you can get to know her better outside of Tiger Disco.

On the first floor there are restaurants and a billiard room. The second floor is designed for those who like a quieter pastime. There are also bars and tables. But in contrast to the first floor there is no music, which makes this hall more conducive to communication.

The disco lounge occupies the upper room. In the center is a large round bar. There is a stage for evening live performances. After 22.00 there is house music, performances and thematic performances. Admission to the disco: 200 baht.

Open: 18.00-3.00

Location: Bangla Road is right behind the Seduction Complex.

VIP Room

Opened in late 2015, this club has become the trendiest in Phuket. The VIP Room is more of a pre-party, after-party place. There is no dance floor, but there is a small free space in front of the bar and near the DJ section dividing the long room into two parts. The first part is a guest lounge and the second one is a VIP area. There are a lot of tables, sofas, armchairs, bar seats.

VIP Room Phuket

The music format of the club is EDM, house, and tech- house. Not too fast and not too loud: perfect for socializing, but you can also move around a bit.

Open: с 22.00

Location: Soi Easy - next to Bangla Road.

Phuket Town Clubs

While Patong's nightlife is similar to European and American clubs, Phuket Town's clubs are largely unique and geared more toward local audiences. You can hear live performances of Thai music bands and get into the local atmosphere. All this is relevant if you are tired of Patong and want variety.

Among the nightlife establishments in Phuket Town is Kor Tor Mor, located near Seahorse Circle. The Sofa Club is another popular hangout for locals. Foreign visitors should note that these clubs do not open until morning and close no later than 2 a.m.

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