Dino Park on Phuket Island

Dino Park on Phuket Island

In Phuket, you can not only sunbathe on the beach, but also travel back to the prehistoric era. Between Kata and Karon on the mountain is Dino Park - a unique dinosaur park that also serves as a magnificent golf course.

Today Dino Park in Phuket has become one of the main attractions of the island and a frequent destination for tourists with children. Dino Park is a fairly large, artificially created, picturesque place with caves, waterfalls, a volcano, jungle and rocks. This is a great place for a family holiday, where it will be interesting for both adults and children. Here you can walk around the territory and admire the dinosaurs hiding in the greenery, play a game of mini-golf or have a bite to eat in the original themed cafe. (See also Best Phuket Attractions).

dino park in the evening

Sometimes for the entertainment of visitors in the evenings brought a little elephant, he can be fed cane and bananas, and children can be happy to ride him on the park paths.

Park Arrangement

Inside, Dino Park combines natural tropical plantations with artificial caves, volcanoes, waterfalls, and stone sculptures. As you walk among this splendor, dinosaurs of enormous size stare at visitors from different corners.

dino park

The figures of these prehistoric creatures are created in life-size, which causes a wild delight of the younger generation. In the evening, special lighting and sound effects with the roar of dinosaurs and other attributes of the Jurassic period are turned on in the park area.

Mini Golf

The main attraction of Dino Park, of course, is miniature golf. Players will play 18 special holes in the colorful areas of the park.

dino park in phuket

You'll have to play in the middle of primeval swamps, in a lava cave, hear Tyrannosaurus Rex roar, walk under a 12-meter waterfall, and even under an erupting volcano. Clubs, balls, and other necessary equipment are given to those who want them at the entrance. Instructors teach beginners the rules and the first techniques of the game.

The created mini-golf course allows sixty visitors to play simultaneously for 40 minutes. After golf, it's nice to sit with your game partners in a bar or restaurant with a glass of a refreshing cocktail.

Dino Bar

Dinosaur Park is famous for its Dino Bar. This is an institution based on the cartoon "The Flintstones", stylized as a stone age. Here you can just relax and drink your favorite drink after a long walk through the jungle.

dino bar in phuket

The restaurant offers a huge variety of Thai and European dishes, a special menu of ice cream, fruit and other delicacies for the little ones, as well as a large range of regular or craft beer for adults.

In this original cafe, stones serve as tables and chairs, tree trunks serve as columns, and the bar itself is a cave. A river with fish flows through the territory. At evening twilight, the cafe is especially picturesque.

The clothes of the waiters are fully consistent with the overall atmosphere. The staff is polite and friendly. The average cost of a decent lunch will cost the visitor 300-600 baht ($10-20). There are other bars and stores with souvenirs and toys in the park.

Park service prices and opening hours

Opening hours from 10 am to 11 pm. During the celebration of Songkran - New Year in Thailand, opening hours may vary.

The cost of walking along the shady alleys of the park for an adult is 120 baht ($4), for children - 90 baht ($2.5). For this money, you can take unforgettable photos with representatives of the ancient era against the backdrop of tropical thickets, waterfalls and stalactic caves.

It is better not to visit the park with children during the day - at this time it is very hot. Choose an overcast day for your trip, or plan your visit in the late afternoon.

If you want to not only walk in the park, but also play minigolf, then the cost of visiting for an adult is 240 baht ($7), for a child - 180 baht ($5). Elephant riding costs 20 baht ($0.5). Entrance to the restaurant is free.

How to get there

The park is located on the south wing of the long Karon beach. From the other popular Kata Beach, you can get here going in a northern direction. From Patong Beach, take the main road towards Karon.

The beaches can be reached for 25 baht ($0.6) by local Songtheo buses, slightly more expensive by regular cab or local Tuk Tuk. In the park area are the famous Marina Phuket Resort hotel. Nearby there are other good hotels: Kata Garden Resort, SP House Phuket, Reach Blossom.

Address: 47 karon Rd., Karon Beach, Phuket 83100, Thailand, Tel: +66 76 330625, +66 76 330493-7
E-mail: info@dinopark.com, website : www.dinopark.com

A visit to the famous Dino Park in Phuket will enjoy the contrast of exotic nature, a tasty lunch among the jungle and an unforgettable experience that will be a perfect continuation of sunbathing, sea bathing and entertainment on the hot coast.

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