Food in Phuket - Street food stalls and the best restaurants on the island

Food in Phuket - Street food stalls and the best restaurants on the island

As the main tourist island of Thailand, Phuket is bound to be a gastronomic paradise. And it really is. On the island you can find hundreds of restaurants and cafes, ranging from very simple "eateries" to solid institutions, dinner for two in which will cost $100 and above. The cuisine on Phuket is varied: Italian, French, Eastern European, there is even a real American steakhouse, and, of course, the local tradition of cooking.

Traditionally, street food is the most developed in Thailand. Phuket is no exception. The street food shops are open day and night, near the beaches, roads, markets, hotels, in short - wherever there are tourists. The range is very diverse: from spicy salads to fried meat and fruit.

There are two definite advantages of macashnikas:

  • They sell authentic, authentic southern Chinese food - you can't get that anywhere else;
  • very cheap - there are no dishes more expensive than $1.5.

Many tourists are embarrassed by a certain amount of unsanitary: cooked food lying outdoors in the hot climate. Nevertheless, most tourists use the services of street food vendors and find it interesting and varied.


Surprisingly, it is the gourmands show genuine interest in the makashnitsa: in them you can try something that can not be served in a regular cafe or even the most expensive restaurant in Phuket, and if it is served, the dish will not have quite "that" taste.

Here is the food in Phuket that you should definitely try in the makashnikas or restaurants:

  • Traditional rice noodle soup with red or white meat, seafood, vegetables, or tofu;
  • fried chicken and rice;
  • The "moo ping" is a grilled piece of pork marinated in coconut milk with sugar and garlic;
  • "Som tam" is a sour-spicy salad that is traditional in northeast Thailand;
  • Thai roti pancakes stuffed with a banana soaked in milk;
  • "kanom jeen" - one of the popular Thai breakfast dishes - rice noodles with beef (or your choice of chicken or seafood) in curry sauce, with stewed vegetables and beans;
  • "por phee" - vegetarian rolls similar to those you might try in Vietnam - inside are roasted nuts, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, various herbs; the non-vegetarian version is made with chicken; dressed with peanut sauce or sweet chili.
  • hokkien noodles as soup (mee nam hokkien) or a second course (mee hokkien) with seafood, thinly sliced pork, grilled, with vegetables, chicken eggs, and other ingredients as needed or chosen.

It should be noted that the traditional cuisine of Phuket has been strongly influenced by the Chinese culinary tradition: many of today's locals are descendants of Chinese immigrants. This makes Phuket food unique, slightly different from the usual Thai food, even though the name of the dishes is similar.

Best Restaurants in Phuket


The modern interior, minimalist design built on the contrast of white and black, lots of light and an Italian as the chef - this is what makes Acqua stand out among the hundreds of other establishments in Phuket.


The restaurant is quite close to the shoreline. To prevent guests from being disturbed by the wind blowing from the Andaman Sea, the terraces are covered with tall glass stained-glass windows, which provide a good view.

  • Located at In the area of Kalim Beach on the west coast of the island: 322/5 Prabaramee Road.
  • OpenFrom 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Boathouse Wine & Grill

The restaurant is located directly on the beach and has its own sandy beach with sun loungers. There is a completely open terrace with access to the shore - it is suitable for breakfasts and lunches; a closed terrace with glass stained-glass windows - it is cozy here when the wind from the sea is too strong.


The cuisine is French with a touch of Asian. In the name of the institution there is an emphasis on wine and grill - indeed in these two things, in the opinion of many people, Boathouse has no competitors.

  • Located at South of Kata Beach: Kokthanot Rd.
  • Openo: all day until 11 p.m.


In the Breeze restaurant everything is simple and sophisticated at the same time. The kitchen is outdoors: visitors can watch the cooking if they wish. The restaurant itself is located under the canopies, through which the trunks of palm trees go up. The terraces offer natural scenery: green trees on the shore, the sea and the mountains of the neighboring island on the horizon.

breeze in phuket

It's not crowded: the tables are placed at a decent distance from each other so that you won't be aware of all the life events of your neighbors. The cuisine in the Breeze restaurant is modern and eclectic. There is a swimming pool for those who want to swim.

  • Located at on the east coast of the island (near Phuket Town): Cape Yamu 228 Moo 7 Paklok.
  • OpenFrom 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. (reserve in advance).


When considering the best restaurants in Phuket, one could not ignore the black and red Dedos. This institution is recommended to all gourmets. The local cuisine is based on the French tradition, skillfully refracted by the chef through the prism of Asian culinary art.

dedos Phuket

The cost of dinner at Dedos, given its French aesthetic, is moderate. For example, tuna and salmon tartare costs about $10.

  • Located at on the west side of the island; drive to the Tinlay Place hotel complex on Lagoon Rd.
  • OpenFrom 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.; except Mondays.

La Gaetana

A small, cozy and inexpensive restaurant, run by an Italian who remembers well what Italian cuisine is all about. It is a family business, which can be clearly seen in the homely taste of the dishes, the small number of tables, and the good atmosphere of the place.


During the day you can have lunch here, but for dinner is better to reserve in advance: the restaurant can take no more than 32 guests at a time.

  • Located at In Phuket Town: 352 Phuket Rd.
  • Open: during the day until 11 p.m.; except Wednesday.

Patong Restaurants


A conceptual place made in a minimalist style, which is called "industrial": metal pillars, metal base of the glass roof, which slides apart, giving guests the opportunity to relax under the starry sky. A remarkable option, considering that the institution is located on the top floor of Seduction Disco.


The institution operates in the popular "restaurant-club" mode. In the evening it functions as a restaurant. After 10 p.m. - as a club area: the space around the square bar turns into a dance floor, but the kitchen continues to work, and at the tables in the lounge area you can dine until closing time.

  • Located at Bangla Rd.
  • OpenFrom 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Joe's Downstairs

A nice place inside, famous in Phuket and popular with tourists. Everything here is white: tables, chairs, walls, floor and even the bar. The institution is located on a low rocky cliff. The verandah overlooks the sea and rocks sticking out of the water - not the best scenery, it is fair to say.


The cuisine is excellent: the American chef does wonders with his food. The cuisine is European: you can order both foie gras and seafood. The wine list is excellent: the bar is one of the five best in Phuket.

  • Located at North of Patong on the border with Kalim: 223/3 Prabaramee Rd.
  • Open: During the day without weekends.

La Gritta

Italian restaurant with a modern design. You can eat on one of two terraces: open - under the breeze from the Andaman Sea or closed - in an air-conditioned room. Both terraces overlook the Patong beach. There is a separate veranda on the second floor - a lounge area for those who just want to have a coffee or a glass of wine.

  • Located at The Amari Phuket Hotel is located on the southern tip of Patong.
  • OpenFrom 10:00 to midnight.

Le Versace

When considering Patong's restaurants, it would be wrong not to mention the fantastically stylish Le Versace. All the decor and interior items - tables, cushions, vases and even the gilded lion on the roof - are made by the fashion house Versace. The restaurant is located on the hillside, allowing you to watch the evening and night Patong from the open veranda.


The cuisine at Le Versace has a French flair. The dishes are excellent, but their price corresponds to it: $20-$50 for each dish. You can order a set lunch or a 4-course dinner (appetizer, salad, main course, dessert) for $80 per person.

  • Located at206/56 Prabaramee Rd.
  • OpenFrom 5:00 p.m. until late; except Tuesday.


This restaurant, according to many tourists, is trustworthy. Classic design and interior, cozy and small, with quality cuisine and decent service.

You can't say that Sam's restaurant is cheap: the average cost of a main course is $20-$30. Nevertheless, it's worth it to have dinner here.

The food is predominantly European, but the name of the place - Steak & Grill - is typically American. The steak here is really good. For example, grilled mushroom minion with broccoli stewed with garlic and wine-mushroom sauce.

  • Located at Patong's Holiday Hotel: 52 Thaweewong Rd.
  • OpenFrom 6:00 p.m. to 24:00 p.m.

Restaurants on Karon Beach

It's hard to call the catering facilities on Karon restaurants. They're more like cafes where you can get a quick and inexpensive meal: for two people you can get by on $5. The seafood in Phuket is served everywhere, including many on this beach.

MaMa Jin is considered one of the popular tourist restaurants in Karon. However, the chairs and tables here are plastic, although the latter are covered with tablecloths. The food is Thai and inexpensive.

Family Seafood on Karon is a small and cozy place with a canopy overlooking the road in much the same style as you find on the streets of European cities in the summertime. The cuisine is exclusively Thai, with lots of seafood.

Finally, another restaurant that can be recommended on Karon is Ying. It serves grilled squid and shrimp in tamarind. Extremely tasty and not more expensive than $1.5.

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