Mai Khao Beach in Phuket

Mai Khao Beach in Phuket

Mai Khao (Mai Khao Beach)Located in the northwestern part of Phuket in close proximity to the airport, so it is often called the "airport" beach - "Sanambin Beach". Mai Khao - the longest beach on Phuket Island, the length of the coastline of about 11 km. Here there are practically no people and intrusive traders.

Just a few decades ago, Mai Khao was famous for the huge leatherback turtles that used to nest here. But due to poaching activities, urbanization of Phuket, and the construction of numerous hotels, the turtles no longer come. Mai Khao is currently the quietest beach: not without reason since 1981 these places belong to the territory of Sirinath National Park.

Beach for relaxation

If you want a break from the daily hustle and bustle, the daily problems and worries, urban noise and all civilization in general, then Mai Khao is exactly what you need.

Mai Khao

Here you can enjoy the beautiful view, walk on the sandy shore, sunbathe and swim. You can also visit the stores of Turtle Village.

There is no other entertainment on the beach, not without reason, because it is recognized as the quietest and calmest. So if you prefer an active holiday, then choose the beaches, located in the southern part of Phuket.

The best time to visit Mai Khao in January, during this time there is the best climate. But from May to November is better not to visit Mai Khao, as during this period the sea is not safe, the huge waves can knock you down. If anyone is interested to read about other beaches, read a brief review of all the beaches of Phuket, and decide what to choose.

Mai Khao Attractions

Mai Khao is located in the National Park, for this reason on the beach you can see a lot of strange animals.


And if you like to scuba dive, you can see a very rare species of fish that are found exclusively in this region and nowhere else in the world can not be found.

Where to eat

Of course, all hotels on Mai Khao have cafes and restaurants, the popular ones are Seaside Cottages & Restaurant and Maikhao Beach Bangalows. But the prices in them, as a rule, are very high. So it is better to buy products in stores, or visit the bars and cafes of the Turtle Village. If you want to snack on the usual foods, you can buy the usual products of European origin in any supermarket.


Also, most of the tourists from all establishments Mai Khao choose the institution called "Bill Bentley's", which is located on the second floor of Turtle Village - a perfect combination of high quality food and reasonable prices. In general, all catering establishments on the beach are distinguished by good cuisine and at the same time inexpensive prices. For example, Thai salads Som Tam, Yam Woon Sen - 130 baht, noodles Pat Thai - 145 baht; chicken breast in a sauce with mashed potatoes and young spinach - 245 baht.

And if you want to enjoy the national Thai cuisine, which is rarely found in your hometown, there are many cafes in front of the Sarasin Bridge, right on the beach itself.

The peculiarity of Thai cuisine is that the dish is cooked in front of your eyes, and you can be sure that all the products are fresh and natural. And the overall positive impression is completed by excellent service at the highest level. There are many institutions here, to list them all would take a long time, and all of them are famous for healthy, natural and healthy food prepared only from fresh products. So it would be better if you read blogs and reviews of holidaymakers.

Mai Kao

And in the turtle valley itself, residents put tables right in front of the porch of their houses, and offer tourists fresh fish and seafood much cheaper than in the supermarkets. You can also buy fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, and ready-to-eat meals at the markets, which are located around Mai Khao and are open daily from early morning.

But if you prefer to eat fast food and can't imagine your vacation without visiting fast food restaurants such as Mcdonalds, KingBurger, then you should give your preference to the beaches south of the airport.

As for drinks, there are no bars in Mai Khao that sell only drinks and snacks. There are bars only in hotels, the prices of alcohol there are also overpriced. But you can sit down at tables by the stores and enjoy cold soft drinks and local exotic cocktails.

How to get there

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get to the beach by public transport. If you know the basics of the Thai language, then you are in luck, because this is the only way you can catch a cab from the airport to Mai Khao. The trip will take you about 20 minutes.

The easiest way to get to the beach is to take the 402 freeway. In general, there are several roads that lead to Mai Khao, but only one provides an overview of the entire beach.

Also, many hotels offer transportation from the international airport if you book with them in advance. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. In this case you will be taken directly to the hotel without extra charge and without visiting stores and travel agencies, where you will certainly be taken by cab drivers.

If you decide not to stay on the island, as mentioned earlier, take a cab. But it is not necessary to catch the first one you meet. At the exit of the airport building there is "TAXI METER" - officially operating cabs. Pay by the meter from 10 $.

If you want to get to Mai Khao from Phuket and back, you can take public transportation, it will cost you 50 baht. From the main highway number 402 to the beach itself is about 2-3 km, you can walk. And you can also rent a car or motorcycle in Phuket. The price of renting a scooter will not exceed 8-9 $ per day. A car can be rented for about 25-30 $.

The entrance to Mai Khao is free and you can also park your rental car for free. And if you decide to use the parking of one of the hotels, you will have to pay about 5-6 $.

Hotel selection

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