Phuket Spring Weather: March, April, May

Phuket is located in the monsoon tropical climate zone. Here you can observe clearly defined seasons of the year: wet and dry. From November to April, the dry season dominates, and from May to October, the wet season comes into its own.

We are used to the fact that Thailand is a country in which it is always warm, but in Phuket, the cool spring months familiar to us are considered the period of a real Thai summer, which is characterized by high temperatures and high humidity. Such weather conditions are not well tolerated by some people, so the Thai summer in Phuket is the period of the low tourist season.

March weather

March is the penultimate month of the dry season, rains here are extremely rare and only at night. By morning, the beach sand has time to dry, the sea water does not have time to cool down, which favors beach recreation and water activities. The air temperature during the day is 31°C, but can reach 33°C, at night 23°C, and the water temperature of the Andaman Sea is 28°C.

The weather is hot and humid at the same time, the evenings are stuffy. It is worth being prepared for a period of acclimatization to unusual weather conditions, which can take several days. March weather is conducive to beach activities, diving and fishing. At this time, coastal waters are filled with exotic representatives of the underwater fauna.

April weather

The weather in Phuket in April corresponds to the height of the Thai summer, there are no heavy rains yet, during the day the air warms up to an average of 34 ° C, and at night to 25-27 ° C. Sea water temperature can reach up to 30°C, which is somewhat uncomfortable for many vacationers.

Despite the hot April weather in Phuket, our tourists are invariably attracted by mid-April - this is the period of celebrating the traditional Buddhist new year - Songkran, with its traditional water pouring. Fortunately, weather conditions allow - clothes dry instantly. In April, you have the opportunity to visit the unusual Release of the Turtles holiday.

april weather in phuket

But the weather conditions still affect the intensity of the tourist flow, it weakens somewhat, so the prices for tours to Phuket are reduced. You can save money without sacrificing comfort.

May weather

May is the beginning of the wet season, the weather is getting rainier. Precipitation occurs throughout the day. Rains can be short-term, strong, can turn into showers. Usually, it rains for 15 minutes and then the sun shines again. The number of rainy days in May can reach up to 20.

weather in phuket in may

The intensity of the heat is somewhat reduced, but slightly 31-33°C. At night from 24-26°C. Sea water temperature 29°C. The first monsoons come, and waves rise off the west coast, which attracts surfers. A few tourists prefer water and underwater activities, shopping or staying in air-conditioned establishments. The weather in Phuket in May is conducive to visiting the Phang Nga National Park, where you can participate in the celebration of the Buddha's Birthday, visit the Sea Food Festival, go on excursions to the jungle, coconut groves.

Helpful hints

Weather conditions in Phuket during the spring months require vacationers to take precautions.

  • Firstly, you should refrain from traveling on vacation with children and people in old age.
  • Secondly, do not forget about beachwear, a hat, an umbrella and sunglasses.
  • Thirdly, you should definitely use sunscreens (with protection factors from 30 to 50), because you can get a sunburn even in cloudy weather. Follow the rules, and a pleasant bronze tan is guaranteed to you.
  • Fourth, always have a bottle of water with you, because such weather conditions can also provoke heat stroke.

When planning a vacation in Phuket, also keep in mind that it rains more on the southern coast of the island territory.

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