Knighton Beach - an overview of Phuket's smallest beach

Naithon beach is the smallest beach, about 1 km long and 60 meters wide in the northwest of Phuket. Distance from the capital - Phuket Town 30 km. The nearest beaches are Bang Tao and Nai Yang.

The biggest plus of the beach - the maximum privacy here is no noisy discos, nearby, colorful villages, forests and clean sea.

The beach is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. Rent 100 baht per day. Sun loungers are arranged in a maximum of 1 - 2 rows. Some areas are even more secluded. The seats are located far away from each other. Blissful calm and relaxation will not interfere with anyone.

On the beach are not molested traders, you can sit on the sand, or take a deckchair for the day.

The beach on a map of Phuket

Knighton is protected by a powerful conglomerate of rocks, so in the "high season" (fall-spring) it is especially quiet. The "low season" (spring-autumn) heats up the elements. Most restaurants and cafes operate in a limited mode. The waves are strong, so vacation with children should be excluded during this period.

The shoreline is fairly flat. The entrance to the water is at an acute angle. If you fall at low tide, it will take a long time to get to the depths.

Knighton Phuket is an ideal place for holidays with children. Since the beach is located on the territory of the National Wildlife Refuge, there is a good environment and a safe area for swimming. But in the low season, it is often stormy, the water is turbid and there is a lot of plant debris on the shore.

The main danger during the rainy season is strong undercurrents. Children should not be allowed in the water. Adults should also be extremely careful.

The sandy strip is formed from yellow coarse sand with white flecks. In fact, all amenities are at hand, but Knighton does not give the impression of a noisy and crowded place.

The complete absence of industrial or urban noise creates a feeling of a kind of uninhabited island. Unfortunately, there is a lot of garbage.

How to get there

Phuket Airport is 10 km from the beach area.

Take the Thep Krasat Tri Nai Yang road, following the southern signs for 4.5 km. Then change to the Rural Thalang road and drive the rest of the way.

From the airport it takes 15 to 25 minutes. A cab will cost about 350 baht. A more economical option is public transportation. There are buses to the beach, but rarely. The route is "Knighton - Nai Yang".

Route from the airport

The main highway, Thep Krasattri Rd. From Phuket Town head north, from the airport south. Then turn to Thep Krasat Tri Nai Yang Rd (Route 4031). After 7-10 min you turn left at the fork. If you go to the right, you will get to Nai Yang.

Entertainment and attractions

Beach activities can be appreciated during the high season. It is an ideal place for snorkeling. The bottom is characterized by broken lines, the presence of corals and various inhabitants of the underwater world.

The main types of recreation, characteristic of the coast:

  1. Family;
  2. Youth;
  3. Diving;
  4. Snorkeling.

Kite-surfing novices can attend the school to improve their minimal skills on the small, calm waves of the local waters.

But do not think that Nayton is completely wild place in Phuket there are - restaurants, cafes, massage parlors, hotels and small markets.

On average, lunch at a local restaurant will cost between 70 and 120 baht.

The terrestrial part also offers plenty of adventure. Nature lovers will find something to do: stroll among the mangroves or wander along the picturesque coastline.

If the soul desires special emotions and intellectual knowledge, you can visit local attractions, the most visited are: a visit to the Big Buddha and the temple of Wat Chalong, but you have to drive about an hour. Alternatively, you can visit the National Wildlife Refuge where there are two waterfalls and a modern water park.


Hotels offer many accommodation options for all tastes. You can choose a luxurious bungalow with the appropriate attributes, and a modest hotel room or guesthouse, prices from 600 baht per day.

Virtually all of the complexes offering lodging for tourists are located across the street along the shoreline. At each hotel you can rent motorcycles from 200 baht, order a cab or read more about public transportation routes.

At the reception will help with the organization of cultural events and excursions.

Naithonburi Beach Resort.

The largest hotel complex on the north coast is Naithonburi Beach Resort.

The Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach in the northern part of the beach and Andaman White Beach Resort in the south are no less attractive to tourists. In the center is a large hotel, notable for its excellent pool and full service - Pearl of Naithon.

During the high season, when the number of tourists reaches a peak, it is better to book accommodation in advance.

Many people come to Phuket, to Naiton Beach for a "lazy vacation. Here you can spend hours lying on the quiet beach, "melt" at the skillful hands of local masseurs, from time to time visiting the cafe, where the local treats can cause delight and amazement.

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