Nikki Beach - Phuket's most fashionable beach

Nikki Beach - Phuket's most fashionable beach

Nikki Beach is a recognizable cross-national brand founded back in 1998 in Miami. There are only 10 such beaches, and one of them is on the island of Phuket in Thailand.

Nikki Beach is located on the west coast of the island. It is part of Layan Beach on the Andaman Sea. On its territory there is a two-storey building, which has a VIP-area for private recreation: parties and celebrations. The terrace overlooking the beach includes a swimming pool, and on the edges of it there are two stylish bars. In the center of the pool there is a small wooden bridge.

The entire terrace is beautifully decorated with palm trees and lounge chairs everywhere. Inside the building there is a dining room for 100 people for those who want to hide from the sun, and upstairs there is a large room for outdoor dining with unforgettable views of the sea. All this shows once again the great scope of the Nikki Beach project.


Nikki Beach brand objects are not known to open everywhere, but only in those places that are considered the most exceptional and romantic. After all, the creators call their creation "the sexiest place on earth." And you can be sure of that by visiting it, because mostly young people come there.

Phuket Island's new beach is a pleasant place to relax in any season. It is known for its clear and calm waters and pleasant atmosphere. The beach is perfect for both cool night parties and relaxing daytime activities. It has a huge number of sun beds, where you can enjoy the paradisiacal views and seascapes, as well as an amazingly beautiful and captivating sunset. And the chic cuisine will not leave indifferent even the most fastidious gourmet.

Many celebrities could be seen at the opening of this place in March 2014. For example, Hollywood stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kellan Lutz. This once again confirms that Nikki Beach is a trendy and modern vacation spot.

Nikki Beach is not just a beach on the beach with white sand and the sea. It is a kind of place of fun and positivity. Its guests, and often they are regular visitors, the beach club pleases with trendy and modern music, popular and famous DJs, and a high level of service. Every day there are live shows with famous bright dancers and fire performances.

The place is also famous for its theme days and exclusive art events, making it without a doubt the most fashionable and desirable beach of the entire island. And to get a better idea of the differences, read the article, about the most popular beaches of Phuket.


Nikki Beach Complex is fed by an Italian chef. Lunch is mostly classic, a simple menu costs about $10, you can also try different appetizers and sushi. Dinner is prepared mostly for two and will cost you about $85. There are fashionable and exotic dishes. For example, the popular sushi boat Nikki for $185 will feed up to eight people.

Renting a deck chair for four people costs $142. This price also includes food and drinks. A regular sun lounger for one will cost you $14.

Nikki Beach plans to develop further. Soon an extra-class hotel will be built here with an original design and 174 rooms.

How to get there

It is quite easy to get to this incredible place, because the beach is only 20 minutes drive from Phuket International Airport. So by taking a cab, in a short time you will get into an atmosphere of positivity and heavenly pleasure. The fares for a direct flight are usually fixed at about $14.

See for yourself that the Nikki Beach complex on Phuket Island combines a gorgeous beach, elegant design, endless fireworks of entertainment and delicious cuisine. Truly, it's a new branch in the history of Thailand.

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