Massage in Phuket - prices, types, where to get a massage on the island.

Massage in Phuket - prices, types, where to get a massage on the island.

In Phuket, a large number of salons offering a huge range of health programs and SPA-procedures. Today the island of Phuket is a kind of forge, happiness and healthy body.

Where to get a Thai massage in Phuket

Finding a good masseur, it is quite difficult, even though such services are offered here literally at every step. The fact is that everyone extols their employees: cab drivers and tour guides send tourists to those who pay them for it, hotel staff, of course, claiming that their hotel offers the best massage in Phuket. Therefore, you have to look for "your" masseur by trial and error, focusing on prices and reputation.

Several verified places that provide massage services:

First, it is, of course, hotels. Good services provide masseuses such hotels as "Sukko Cultural SPA" or "Poppa Palace". Professional services can also be obtained in the cosmetic clinic "Oriental de Phuket", massage salons "Peach Beauty salon & massage", "SPA water palace", "Orawan Sauna", "The SPA Club", "Mookda SPA" or "Tarn Tara SPA".

For quite a long time, the leaders of the resort of Phuket, were considered: The Banyan Tree, JW Marriott and Evason.


▣ It is worth choosing proven salons.

Prices for procedures in the SPA-salons of Phuket are many times higher than similar services in conventional massage parlors Phuket. Such institutions are designed for more wealthy clients. On average, the prices for services from 600 - 3600 baht. The most expensive services are those offered in large SPA saloons and hotels with a good reputation and the presence of three or more stars.

At the same time, the quality of services and prices are not very different from one hotel to another. When you come to such SPA procedures, you get the services of massage therapists, whose professionalism is confirmed by the appropriate certificate.

The cost of this procedure depends on several factors:

  1. Type of procedure;
  2. Level of service;
  3. The presence of a specially equipped for the spa room.

But if you can not afford such a luxury, you can find cheaper options in Phuket. However, it is worth choosing a proven salon that has a good reputation.

Prices for massages in Phuket

Prices for massages in Phuket

Another affordable option is to take advantage of massage services on the beach.


Prices for massage on the beach in Phuket

Massage in this case will certainly not be a professional, but you can relax on the beach under the sound of the surf.

Traditional massage (Thai Massage)

The most common among tourists is the traditional massage. You can get it in almost any salon on the island. It is performed on the floor or on a hard mattress. The client wears loose clothing, which allows the masseur to move his hands over the body without obstacles.

Traditional massage

▣ Traditional massage (Thai Massage).

The massage resembles a yoga class, only without the use of any effort. The masseur gently pushes and gathers the body in various positions without the client doing anything, using his body, including his feet, moving over the client's body in various positions. Prices range from 350 - 600 baht.

Anti-cellulite massage in Phuket (Slim massage)

Quite often, girls in Phuket choose salons offering anti-cellulite massage to prevent or solve their current "problem". The procedure is a treatment of the abdomen, thighs or buttocks with the application of anti-cellulite cream.

Anti-cellulite massage

▣ Women's favorite Anti-cellulite massage.

Thai anti-cellulite massage provides not only firmness and beauty of the body and skin, but also harmony of the inner state, gets rid of negative emotions and relieves fatigue.

True, it will cost you almost 800 baht, prices depend on the place of service.

Head and Shoulders massage

People with sedentary jobs are well served by head and neck massage. The treatment includes not only head and neck massage, but also attention is paid to certain areas.

head massage

▣ Soothing, anti-stress massage.

The process takes an hour of time. The basis of the technique is rubbing, stroking and pointing. You will have to pay about 300-400 baht for a massage.

Foot massage

Foot massage has a good effect on your overall health. It is carried out with the hands and special sticks. They are used to knead the active points of a person's feet. It is worth saying right away that when you are not used to it, it can cause pain.


▣ Thai foot massage is an ancient and very effective practice.

This massage perfectly relieves fatigue in the legs, restores strength, makes the joints of the feet more mobile and the muscles more elastic. The average cost of the service is 250-300 baht and takes about an hour.

Oil massage

An oil massage is excellent for relaxing and improving blood circulation. The masseur uses oils that are given to you to choose from, applying to all available areas of the skin. The oils have a positive effect on the body. The massage relieves stress and fatigue, tones the skin and improves sleep.

oil massage

▣ Relaxing as well as toning massage.

Don't worry about getting oil on your clothes. Firstly, the oil is absorbed into the skin rather quickly, and secondly, the master wipes the body with a towel at the end of the treatment, which leaves not even a trace. Average prices are 350 - 600 baht.

Hot herbal massage

It is performed using preheated pouches containing medicinal herbs inside. While the pouches are hot, the master gently presses on the body. When they cool down, the master starts massaging the body more actively. The cost of the massage starts at 500 baht.

Thai massage with hot herbal pouches

▣ Thai massage with hot herbal pouches is one of the oldest procedures.

Blind Massage in Phuket

The last type of massage is quite original. Massage for the blind in Phuket has gained popularity. It is believed that blind or visually impaired people have more developed tactile senses. Therefore they are able to feel the client's body better.

The massage parlor is called "Massage by blind people" and is located next to the Tesco Lotus supermarket in the Chalong Ring area. Prices range from 200 to 500 baht.

But no matter what kind of massage and in what salon or hotel you choose, the specialists need to make an appointment in advance.

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