Phuket Autumn Weather: September, October, November

Phuket Autumn Weather: September, October, November

The fall months in Phuket differ from one another in both climate and tourist activity.

Considering that the low season in Phuket lasts from June to October, you have a full month of material benefits. Prices for accommodations, excursions or massage sessions, are reduced by about half. In general, the weather on the island in the fall is quite rainy. In the beginning the rains are long, near the end of the tropical downpours are abundant, but short-lived. But in spite of the weather conditions in the fall in Phuket there are many travelers.

September weather

September is characterized by rainfall, which occurs almost every day, often in the form of tropical downpours, with up to 410 mm of rainfall. The only good thing is that the downpours do not last all day. The relative humidity is 85%. The prevailing southwestern monsoon brings gusty winds to the island. The rainy season is the full master of September.

The average daytime temperature is +27°C ... +30°C. Despite the frequent cloudiness, the risk of sunburn remains high - it is better to sunbathe under the palm trees. The nights in Phuket in September are comfortable enough, the thermometer stays at +24°C.

The maximum temperature of the sea is +29°C, storms are frequent and, accordingly, swimming bans are imposed. But surfers can enjoy their favorite pastime. In September, there are also annual competitions in this sport on Kata Beach. The weather in Phuket in September affects the activity of vacationers, and the month is considered the lowest point of the low tourist season on the island.

Weather in October

October is considered a pivotal month, both in terms of changing weather conditions and increasing tourist activity. Seasoned travelers call it the most unpredictable month, as the weather in Phuket in October is characterized by rain with strong monsoon winds that can change in an instant to pleasant sunny weather.

The first half of the month is still marked by precipitation and 90% humidity. It rains at night and in the evening. By the end of the month, the amount of precipitation decreases significantly, and its total does not exceed 220 mm per month. The high tourist season slowly starts to take over. Gradually increases the number of tourists and the prices of services. But it is still possible to rest on a budget.

The air temperature in Phuket in October is +28°C ... +31°C. Nighttime temperatures are as high as +24°C. The sea can warm up to +24°C ... +29°C.

Diving enthusiasts, fishing enthusiasts, visitors to entertainment venues, tourists who want to explore the sights of the island, gourmands who explore the peculiarities of local cuisine spend their time at their pleasure. This is also the time when the traditional Phuket Vegetarian Festival is held.

Weather in November

The weather in Phuket in November is more favorable to tourists. The rainy season ends, the sky clears, the temperature rises, and the sea calms down. And the tourist industry begins the high season.


In the daytime the air is warm up to +27°C ... +31°C, which makes it possible to take air baths, as well as to go sightseeing and hiking around the island. Night air is warm up to +23 ° C ... +24 ° C, in the evening and at night, sometimes it rains for a short time. The relative humidity is 85%. The sea is quiet, calm, the sea water can warm up to +29 ° C, thus contributing to taking water procedures and various water activities: swimming, fishing, active marine sports.

This month the island hosts a traditional festival, the colorful festival of the full moon - Loi Kratong. If you can't stand the heat, then November is the best time to organize your holiday in Phuket. The approaching peak tourist season also dictates higher prices for services, in November they increase by about 50% compared to October.

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