Holidays in Phuket with children - places for entertainment

Holidays in Phuket with children - places for entertainment

Going to Phuket with children is a good idea. Perhaps the best when it comes to choosing a place not only within Thailand, but also in the whole of Southeast Asia.

Transport accessibility, Europeanization, development of services and trade - all this makes the island in the Andaman Sea is a comfortable place to stay with children.

Why choose Phuket for holidays with children

It so happens that the Thai authorities began to develop inbound tourism in Phuket: here before other areas and the island of Thailand began to lay the normal roads, built the airport and other elements of infrastructure, whose purpose - providing the most comfortable stay of visitors to rest.

children in phuket

In this matter, Phuket has achieved the best results. By now, the most comfortable conditions have been created here, which, together with the clean coast and water in the sea, unique natural attractions make the island a vacation destination for millions of families every year.

Let us list the main factors that put Phuket in first place among other resorts in Thailand:

  • direct flight from most countries of the world;
  • No longer than 1 hour between aircraft landing and hotel accommodation, even in case of unforeseen delays;
  • Many hotels have children's pools, often with mini slides and other attributes of water parks;
  • There are clinics with Russian-speaking staff, pharmacies;
  • An abundance of retail space, both grocery and textiles, home goods and electronics;
  • The city has a well-developed municipal transport system, with buses running all over the island;
  • There are kindergartens (including for Russian-speaking children), schools.

Phuket has only 2 disadvantages: a short tourist season and a higher level of financial spending, both in terms of accommodation and food, as well as everything to do with the daily shopping.

Hotels for children

Most hotels in Phuket focus on children's activities. The sea and its proximity are not a determining factor, as the hotel pools are often enough to satisfy a child's activity.

In addition to children's pools, hotels offer other options for children's time:

  • lawns and lawns for outdoor games;
  • playrooms equipped for children's outdoor activities;
  • For the little ones - a playpen;
  • rooms for developmental games;
  • Group themed activities led by educators (crafts, modeling, etc.);
  • For older children - sports games (badminton, table tennis).

Traveling with a child in Phuket, parents can not worry about what to do their children. And during his forced absence in most hotels is available to leave the child under the supervision of an adult. Consider several options for families with children.

Hotel Dusit Laguna 5*

children Phuket

  • children's menu in the restaurant
  • playground
  • games room
  • kiddie pool
  • free children's club (from 4 to 12 years)
  • babysitting service (chargeable)
  • it is possible to put a crib

Amora Beach Resort Hotel 3+

Amora Beach Resort

  • games room
  • children's club (09:00-17:00)
  • babysitting service (chargeable)
  • kiddie pool
  • it is possible to put a crib

Hotel Angsana Laguna Phuket 5*

Angsana Laguna

  • kiddie pool
  • children's club (Tree House)
  • babysitting service (chargeable)
  • it is possible to put a crib

Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort & Spa 4*

Best Western Premier Bangtao

  • kiddie pool
  • children's club
  • babysitting service (chargeable)
  • it is possible to put a crib

Centara Kata Resort Phuket 4*

Centara Kata Resort Phuket

  • children's menu in the restaurant
  • playground
  • babysitting service (chargeable)
  • kiddie pool
  • children's club
  • it is possible to put a crib

Children's Phuket in the sights

Bored in Phuket will not have neither adults nor children 4-5 years of preschool and primary school age, for whom the surrounding riot of colors and life is a natural and lively interest.


What are the best attractions to visit with children of this age group?

  • Splash Jungle water park;
  • Rawai Water Park;
  • aquarium;
  • butterfly garden;
  • zoo;
  • Dino Park;
  • orchid garden.

Phuket's water parks are probably the most interesting. They are huge, themed, with areas for both adults and very young visitors. The attractions leave no child indifferent, and the trip along the "lazy river", flowing several hundred meters surrounded by scenery, will remain in memory forever.


Children of middle school age and teenagers, in addition to the listed entertainment, can find something special for themselves. For example:

  1. Surf House Surf Park

Here you can surf the artificial waves without worrying about currents or injuries. Children from the age of 6 are allowed on the rides, but adults will also find something of their own here. You can spend time in a local restaurant or bar. The surf park is located on Kata Beach Road.

  1. Go-Kart Speedway

Situated at the foot of the Patong Hill, the karting track invites families with children over 8 years old. The length of the track is 750 meters. It is wide enough and is maintained in good condition.

  1. Zorbing ride at Rollerball

The Zorb is an air-filled rubber ball with another ball inside it. A person is placed in the inner ball. The entire structure moves along a hollow chute. The person inside the ball is forced to run to maintain an upright position. The attraction is quite famous and often found around the world.

Zorbing-ekstremalnyy-attrakcionBut the thing about Zorbing is its size. The diameter of the outer ball is 3 meters. And the length of the track on which the zorb rolls down the slope - 190 m. The feeling is quite extreme, despite the safety of the attraction. Children over 6 years old are allowed.

These activities require a certain amount of skill and involve some risk, but instructors keep a close eye on what's going on, taking maximum safety measures.

Are there kindergartens in Phuket?

Many foreigners do not come to the island for 1-2 weeks, but stay for 2-3 months or even longer. Some Russian-speakers live here permanently, often they are families with children. Therefore, finding a kindergarten in Phuket is not a problem.


For foreigners there are kindergartens where communication between children, as well as between children and teachers is in English. There are kindergartens in which the basic language is Russian. There is also an intermediate option: kindergartens of this type are international in terms of the composition of children attending them, the main communication is in English, but there are 1-2 Russian-speaking teachers in the staff.

Kindergartens with a dominance of the Russian language in communication and activities:

  • Kinderville;
  • Tale;
  • Indigo.

English-speaking kindergartens:

  • Baan Kajonkiet;
  • Smiley Kid's Phuket;
  • Cravens International;
  • Buds Nursery.

Phuket International Kindergarden and School is an English-speaking kindergarten, but with a Russian teacher on staff. There is also an elementary school for children 6-12 years old.

Mode and conditions of operation, the level of payment for kindergarten services:

  • the number of children in the group - 8-20 people;
  • The age of children: 1.5 years - 6 years;
  • opening hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m;
  • Cost of attendance - from $200 to $600 - depending on the occupancy of the group, meal plan, duration of stay of the child, activities with children and other factors.

Kindergartens in Phuket get good feedback from parents. The programs are developmental in nature. Children are taught, including foreign languages.

Are There Schools in Phuket

Schooling in Phuket is possible, but it is quite expensive. For example, in a well-known British school - British International School - the cost of education can be up to $15000 per year. In another educational institution, also on the British system - HeadStart International School - a year will cost $7000-$10000.

There are also private Thai schools that teach in English. Their tuition prices are more moderate. The Thai language is taught necessarily. Russian-speaking schools in Phuket are not represented.

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