How to get from Phuket to Phi Phi on your own

How to get from Phuket to Phi Phi on your own

Perhaps everyone who watched the movie "The Beach" dreams of getting to an island lost in the ocean. And having arrived in Phuket, tourists first of all strive to get to Phi Phi in order to see with their own eyes the beautiful bays and snow-white beaches, as if descended from Hollywood shots, to enjoy the untouched beauty of exotic nature.

In fact, the Phi Phi Islands, as the Thais themselves say, (หมู่เกาะพีพี - in Thai, Phi Phi Islands - in English) is an archipelago of six islands in the Andaman Sea, between the mainland and about. Phuket. The archipelago includes: the only inhabited island of Phi Phi Don, the islands of Phi Phi Ley, Bida Nai, Bida Nok, Bamboo and Mosquito. Tourists stop at the Don. In translation, Phi Phi means "flaming island", and Phi is pronounced by the locals as Pi.

How to get there

1. Order a tour or transfer from a travel agency

The easiest, but perhaps not the most budgetary way to get to the archipelago is to purchase a tour from local agencies or private guides. Finding their contacts, prices and travel conditions on the Internet is not difficult.

A one-day trip as part of a group costs about 1,500 baht (45$), a two-day trip costs 3,500 (100$). The package includes transfer, insurance, meals, soft drinks and, for a two-day trip, an overnight stay in a hotel. Delivery from Phuket to the archipelago is carried out by different types of water transport: boats, cruisers, ships, ferries. The main feature of package offers is a visit to the famous Maya Bay on about. Phi Phi Ley, where the action of the same movie hit with Leo DiCaprio takes place.

In addition to the tour, travel agents can only order a transfer from Phuket to about. Don. It will cost an average of 400 baht (12$) one way and 700 baht (20$) round trip. This is a smart and convenient option: you will be picked up from your hotel early in the morning, given a tour of the archipelago, and returned to your hotel in the evening.

2. Take the ferry

The most economical option for an independent and not lazy traveler is to get to the inhabited island on the Express Ferry Boat, which departs daily from Rassada Pier. The Express Ferry Boat is a two-story boat with open deck seating and indoor air-conditioned space. The ship has a toilet and a bar with drinks and simple snacks.

The ferry departs several times in the morning every two hours. A ticket costs 600 baht (18$), round trip - 1000 (30$), and the return ticket is with an open date. Children's ticket (4-11 years old) is 50 baht (1.5$) cheaper, kids under three travel free. Experienced tourists admit that it is possible to bargain, bringing down the price a little.

Ferry timetable

From PhuketFrom Phi Phi Don

It is possible to purchase ferry tickets through resellers, sometimes this method can be 10 percent cheaper. In addition, travel agents take care of the transfer from your accommodation in Phuket to the pier. If you choose the option of independent travel, consider the cost of the road to the pier. A taxi from the northern beaches of Phuket Island costs 600-800 baht (17-24$) and takes about an hour. From the beaches of Kata, Karon, Patong - a little cheaper, 500-600 baht (15-17$). Another option is to get to the ferry on a rented bike.


The ferry ride to the archipelago takes about two hours. Upon arrival at Tonsai Pier, tourists are required to pay an "environmental fee" of 20 baht (0.5$). The last ferry from Tonsai to Phuket leaves at 2:30 pm. Therefore, going on a trip for one day, you will not get a clear impression of the island. It makes sense to spend at least two days here, since there are plenty of places to stay on the Don: from five-star hotels to bungalows and guesthouses. It is better to make a choice in advance, using the sites for selecting and booking accommodation.

You can get to the beach you are interested in or to the hotel by water by longtail taxi, in other words, by boat. Usually hotels provide this type of transfer. There is no road transport on Phi Phi.

What to see

The inhabited island consists of two limestone monoliths connected by a bridge. Don is tiny - 28 sq.m, nevertheless, there is something to entertain yourself and what to see. The main entertainments are snorkeling, kayaking, fishing. Usually, when ordering sightseeing tours, these water entertainments are included in the program. If you are an independent traveler, you can rent equipment at organized beaches.

You can admire the scenery from the observation deck. Entrance costs 30 baht (0.9$).

Phi Phi Lookout

To make a walk up the mountain, you will need comfortable shoes, water, sunscreen and a hat, which, however, is important for any movement in Thailand. The nightlife on the Don is very lively. There are night clubs, beach parties.

Phi Phi Islands

Interesting to visit. Phi Phi Ley (land area - 6.6 sq. km). There are beautiful bays and bays here: Ao Pi Lei, Ao Maya, Ao Lo Sa Ma. In the northeast of the island, excursions are attracted by the large cave of swallow nests Tham Viking.

Other islands in the archipelago are famous for their beaches and underwater scenery available for diving.

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