Fantasia is the largest theatrical show in Phuket

According to the legends of the Kingdom of Siam, on the island of Phuket, near Kamala, there lived a prince Ayara. He saved his beloved from evil demons and was assisted in this struggle by a white elephant.

This is told in an old Thai legend, which is the basis of the show.

The grandiose spectacle of elephants, tigers, buffalos, and birds is hard to compare to anything in particular. Circus, ballet, music and cannon shots... Acrobats and clowns...

The show has been running daily from 5:30 to 11:30 p.m. (except Thursdays) since 1998, at Phuket Fantasia Park.


It is the end point of a little journey. But let's start at the beginning...

How to get there

The park is located on the west coast of the island, near Kamala Beach. From Phuket Town can be reached by public transportation. You can also get there either by your own transport or by ordering a shuttle service from the park, the most convenient way.

A minibus picks you up from your hotel and takes you to the park. The cost is 300 baht from Phuket Town.


The Festival Village, the Golden Palace and the Elephant Stone Palace are the three components of the Park. The entertainment begins as soon as you set foot in its territory, on Fantasi Street.

Stone Elephant Palace

Stone Elephant Palace.

In the Festival Village there is a "sea of fantasy" waiting for you. Elephants will be everywhere and you can ride them. But for a fee - 900-1000 baht for 3 - 5 minute ride. You can also feed the elephants. A bucket of bananas will cost 100-120 baht. In the pond swimming colorful carps. You can visit the terrarium with reptiles, watch the white tigers.

Many rides, craft workshops and plenty of small stores where you can buy national handicrafts. The park is considered one of the main attractions of the island. It is an opportunity to touch the culture and traditions of Thailand.

The Park has its own rules for visiting, there aren't many of them:

  1. You can't come with your own drinks and food;
  2. You can't take food and drinks out of the restaurant;
  3. You can only take pictures in the Park and the Golden Palace;
  4. It is strictly forbidden to take pictures in the Stone Palace;
  5. There is a smoking area at the entrance of the restaurant;
  6. You can't go around in bathing suits and no shirts.

Ticket price

Ticket typeAdult (THB)Children from 4-12 years old (THB)
Just the show18001800
Show + buffet2200 2000
Seafood buffet1100 1100
Extra charge for golden seats (optional)300 300

 A paid dinner ticket gives you the opportunity to visit the Golden Palace on the lakeside, where the huge Golden Kinnaree restaurant is located. It seats 4,000 people.


The auditorium has 3,000 seats. Acrobats, dancers, illusionists and clowns. 400 artists, 44 elephants will be waiting for you at the performance. And then there are the chickens, and doves, and plenty of effects. The show consists of 11 scenes lasting more than 70 minutes.

The show is bilingual - English and Thai.

But since the main thing at the performance is music and the art of dance, the language is not a hindrance. You can buy a DVD as a memento of the performance, since you won't be able to capture it yourself.

It is better to arrive to the park in advance, many arrive two hours in advance. The show program is not updated. The same cannot be said about the restaurant. Its menu is updated every year.

There are a lot of reviews written about the show at Phuket Fantasi. Some are delighted, others are disappointed. But it's better to see it once. Go and don't look back. Who knows, maybe you'll want to dive back into the golden world of Thai traditions?

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