Butterfly Park, Phuket - places to visit and recommendations

Butterfly Park, Phuket - places to visit and recommendations


In the northern part of Phuket is a famous butterfly park. It is a large farm, where a lot of exotic butterflies and other insects. Despite the fact that the island of Phuket itself is extremely beautiful, visiting this place, you will definitely find something to surprise. There you can see the whole life cycle of the most unusual insects collected in one area.

Park History

At the moment the park is considered one of the largest in the world. It was created in the early 1990s, not just as a place for tourist entertainment, but also as a research center. On the territory of the park were later built two more museums: the Museum of Insects of Thailand and the Silk Museum, which in general has turned the park into a single tropical complex, where grow exotic insects, creating a unique microclimate.

butterfly park

A butterfly and insect park has been operating in Phuket since 1990

With the development of modern technology, there are more and more opportunities to study butterflies, their life and anatomy in the park on Phuket Island. The park is equipped with modern microscopes, large screens and other technical devices.

Butterfly species

In the garden, the insects live in comfortable conditions. In addition to the delicacies that visitors feed them, they also receive conditions for living as close to their natural habitat as possible. There are even small ponds with beautiful fish in the garden. In addition to fish and butterflies, the oriole and the pinniped sea turtle are also considered permanent inhabitants of the park.


In the garden, butterflies live in comfortable conditions

About 8,000 colorful butterflies of more than 30 different species fly freely in the tropical garden.

butterfly park

Butterflies are the main decoration of the park

The insectarium is a large enclosed hall where grasshoppers, flies, wasps, bees, tarantulas, ants, crickets, dragonflies, sticks, tarantulas, and other dangerous and not so dangerous insects are presented. The exit from the insectarium leads to an open hall with butterflies. It is covered by a net from above, so they can't fly anywhere.


Exiting the insectarium

It is noteworthy that many of the scales living in this park are released into their natural habitat a little later. So, the local inhabitants are not just exhibits for tourists. At their expense the population of insects in Thailand increases. After all, in the comfortable conditions of the garden it is possible to preserve even endangered species of butterflies.

Interesting places in the park

The large area of the park makes it an interesting place for long walks. To make tourists feel comfortable, a small café is located next to the beautiful garden.


A cozy cafe in the park

There you can quench your thirst or try delicious pastries, sandwiches, burgers or ice cream. There are benches all over the park where you can read a book or just relax between looking for the next interesting sights.

 Also, by wandering through sections of this large garden, one can find:

  • The chrysalis house, the place where butterflies mate and lay their young;
  • The famous silk museum, which features silk fabrics as exhibits;
  • Insect Museum, which also has large stands with information about rare tropical insects;
  • The garden itself, where the butterflies live.

And before you leave the park, be sure to stop by the souvenir store so you can leave Thailand with a souvenir of the place. There you can buy orchid and butterfly jewelry, fresh honey, and various authentic trinkets.

How to get there and opening hours

You can visit the butterfly garden on Phuket Island any day, as it is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. At the entrance to the park, visitors are greeted by staff ready to show them the way to the ticket office.

Attention! As of April 1, 2015 the Butterfly Garden in Phuket is closed

Moreover, you are immediately given a sun umbrella, a glass of sweet nectar and treats to lure the butterflies. For an additional 20 baht, you can also buy food for the fish in the reservoirs of the park. Admission costs 350 baht for adults, 150 baht for children 4 to 10 years old, and free for children under four years old.

Butterfly Park on a map of Phuket

You can drive to the butterfly park along Yaowarat Road. The farm is only three kilometers from Phuket City, near the airport, so it doesn't take long to get there.

Recommendations for tourists

  • When you come to the park on Phuket Island, don't refuse the banana puree that is offered to you at the entrance. It can be used to lure the butterflies, which in bad weather or for some other reason do not want to get out of their hiding places.
  • In addition, it is believed that butterflies sit only on people with clean karma, and in order to clear it, you need to feed the fish swimming in the pond nearby.
  • You can visit the park on your own, without a tour, because in any case, you will find something to admire.

The Thai butterfly park is recognized as the largest in the world. Even though exotic insects are found in the vicinity of Thailand itself, there is still something to marvel at. But at the moment it is no longer possible to get into the park, as it has been permanently closed.

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