Wat Chalong Temple - an overview of Phuket's most revered monastery

Wat Chalong Temple - an overview of Phuket's most revered monastery

The temple of Wat Chalong is one of the large-scale Buddhist complexes located in Phuket. If we talk about its exact period of origin, it is not thoroughly known. But the first written mention dates back to 1837.

The temple grounds are divided into several parts, where the individual buildings with their own immediate purpose stand proudly on their heads. The Wat Chalong complex has a separate central part in the form of a prayer hall.


There are gilded statues representing the famous monk-princes of history. A striking personality is considered the healer Luang Por Chai, who supported the local peasants in every way he could when the Chinese attacked (1876). So Wat Chalong became an important place for the locals, and the monk was credited with supernatural powers.

Entering the structure, it is necessary to cover the legs to the knees and shoulders, taking off shoes beforehand.

At present, the described religious complex, located in Phuket, is an important place that is regularly visited by Thai pilgrims.



In the central part of the described area is a pond, which is inhabited by goldfish, which are the embodiment of angels, granting all visitors success in all endeavors.

The entrance is decorated with a statue of an elephant; if you rub part of its torso, good luck will not be long in coming. At the entrance you can also buy a lotus, which is used to lay hands on the saints.

Wat Chalong Temple

To this end, the main temple hall is equipped with two boxes, from which visitors take out individual sticks, pre-numbered.

With this paraphernalia, it is necessary to proceed to the closet, in whose numbered drawers the notes with fortunes are laid out. For the same purpose, bars made of bamboo roots are used. They must be connected and thrown. In this way, the visitor receives an instant answer to the question of interest. Equal falling out halves mean "yes" and "no".


By visiting Wat Chalong, which is a real treasure in Phuket, one will be able to know destiny.


In the grounds of Chalong Temple there is a pavilion designed for bidding farewell to the deceased. There is a sacred place for the ceremonial rites and a crematorium.


It is known that in 1999 a priceless and important relic appeared in the temple complex - a part of the Buddha's bone, which was donated by the Sri Lankan government. For the location and storage of this relic, the Phra Mahathat Stupa was erected in 2001.

It is forbidden to touch its fruits and flowers, or cause any injuries.

Wat Chalong, considered a calling card in Phuket, has an unusual and attractive park, with a traditional design that catches the eye. Here is demonstrated for visitors the Sala tree, under which, according to legend, the Buddha was born. The constantly exploding firecrackers are of genuine interest to tourists.


By creating such sounds with a special stove, local monks scare away evil spirits seeking to enter the territory of the temple.

How to get there

The temple of Wat Chalong is located only 8 km south of Phuket. If you follow the Chao Fah Nok Rd (Chao Fa West Rd) from "Central Festival" (a famous shopping complex), the road will take you to the described landmark, located on the left side of the road.

If you move from the Chalong Ring in the direction of Phuket Airport, after 10-15 minutes on the right hand side you will see a sign "Wat Chalong", and behind it - a turn leading to the territory of the temple complex. Traveling through Phuket, the landmark can be the same name Chalong Bay, in the vicinity of the island's famous zoo. Tourists often travel to this area by motorcycle or their own cars.

Time and cost of attendance

Wat Chalong receives visitors completely free of charge, daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. For those who decide to stay in Phuket, below is a selection of inexpensive hotels.

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