Bang Tao Beach - An Overview of Phuket's Longest Beach

Bang Thao (Bang Tao) Beach, also known as "Lagoon" is a huge beach, over 7 km long. Located near Patong in one of the bays of Phuket. Bang Tao is conventionally divided into north and south.

Given the fact that Bang Tao Beach is located in a bay, the sea is always calm. The width of the beach, as well as the length, is impressive, especially at low tide. The sand here deserves a special mention - it is golden and fine.

Bang Tao Beach on a map of Phuket

The sea near the beach is mostly shallow. However, in some places the depth is decent, so you have to be careful. The entrance to the sea is long, about 15 m.

In the morning, Bang Tao Beach is in the shade of the casuarin trees that grow along the beach. This lasts until about 11 o'clock, after which the hot sun begins to reign. And in the evening, holidaymakers are lucky enough to watch the beautiful spectacle - the sunset.

The cost of renting sun loungers - from 100 to 150 baht. But, here you can be sly. As a rule, if you make an order at one of the beach cafes, you can get a deck chair for free.

Map of the beach


South Side

The most popular among vacationers is the southern part of the beach. This is due to the fact that this area can be reached by convenient road or on foot from Surin Beach. In this part of the beach offers vacationers unique restaurants, the building material for which served as bamboo and palm fronds.

Such restaurants on Phuket island can be found only in Bang Tao.

The highlight of the center of the beach is the lagoon - a few beautiful lakes, which are connected to the sea through a narrow channel. The hotel complex "Laguna", located here, has a corresponding name. "Laguna" is 7 luxurious hotels, which have in their arsenal the golf course.

In the central part of the beach like to rest wealthy tourists.

Northern part

If you prefer a secluded vacation, you should visit the northern part of the beach. The reason for the low popularity of this part of Bang Tao is easy to explain - it is not so easy to get here.

The beach here is deserted not only from the tourists, but also from the sunbeds and entertainment.

How to get there

The best way to get to Bang Tao is by renting transportation. This is due to the fact that public transport does not go here, and the cost of a tuk-tuk ride is 500 baht one way.

From Phuket Airport to Bang Tao Beach is about 20 kilometers, you can take a cab or minibus. A cab to the beach will cost you 700 baht, a minibus ride - from 150 to 200 baht. By cab you can get to the beach in 30 minutes, by minibus - about an hour.

Route from Phuket airport

Cabs to the beach can be ordered directly at the airport. Here you can also buy a minibus ticket. But the return trip to the airport should be taken care of the day before departure. This can be done in any travel agency or at numerous cab stands.

The cost of the return trip is the same.

Walking to Bang Tao Beach is convenient only from the neighboring Surin Beach. The local transport is the sunteo, which runs exclusively to Surin and Kamala beaches for 50 baht.


In general, the district of Bang Tao, expensive. Prices for accommodation and food here are much higher in contrast to other areas. Prices from 1,500 baht, but for that price can be settled only two or three hotels.

The most common type of accommodation for Bang Tao is a roomy and comfortable hotel with several hundred rooms at its disposal.

The typical cost of living in this kind of hotels from 200 dollars a day. There are 3 luxury hotels on the beach, the rooms in which cost from 1500 dollars. It is worth noting that the cost of accommodation at $ 1,000 per day are quite common prices for the beach of Bang Tao.

The rest of the hotels in Bang Tao are quite reasonable prices, ranging from $ 100 - $ 300 per night "economy class" and $ 300 for "luxury". Popular hotels are Best Western and Best Western Premier.

During the low season, May-October, prices are less.

Available hotels near Bang Tao Beach can be viewed on any hotel reservation site.


Bang Tao Beach offers tourists numerous cafes and restaurants where you can tastefully relax. Here, in contrast to similar establishments Surin Beach, more respect for the national traditions of Thailand in both the kitchen and the interior. Thai massage from 200-250 baht.

And nightlife lovers will be disappointed in Bang Tao - there are no nightclubs.

Most importantly, this beach is home to the most popular beach bars, Nikki Beach and Xana Beach and Blease. Where you can listen to good music, dance, eat and watch the sunset.

Beginning in November, the infrastructure of Bang Tao makes itself felt. Start working all kinds of stores and cafes, offer to rent sun loungers. The highest density of sun loungers - near the Bliss Beach Club.


When it comes to shopping, the south of Bang Tao Beach will give the north a head start. It is in the southern part there are stores, most of which specialize in handmade products of Thai and South Asian craftsmen. Among the popular ones are Lemongrass House, Canal Village, Heritage Collection, Banyan Tree Galleries, located near the Laguna Phuket resort complex.

tesco lotus

Tesco Lotus on Bang Tao.

And, if you turn from this street to the beach, you can get into a Muslim village. In this village, by the way, there are both luxury villas, and hotels economy class, the cost of living from 7000 baht per month, for renting a room for a long time, and the house from 15000 baht.

A distinctive feature of the stores of Bang Tao Beach is the absence of cheap goods, which are filled with Patong stores. Goods in local stores only the highest quality. This applies to clothing, shoes, all kinds of accessories, souvenirs.

Many stores are located in Canal Village.

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