Ice waterfalls

Waterfalls do not leave fans of beauty indifferent, but when the water freezes, turning into sculptures, as if created by a virtuoso carver, the sight is unearthly. Such waterfalls exist in different parts of our planet.

Ice waterfalls

The North American Falls of Fang in Colorado in winter is a huge ice column fifty meters high. Many climbers try to conquer it. And near the cliff from which the waterfall flows, there are many small frozen waterfalls.

Valaste waterfall in Estonia near Kohtla-Järve is not as huge as the American one - its column is just over 30 meters, but it is the largest in the country and has been declared a national symbol of Estonia. And the winter scenery surrounding it is charming. The waterfall itself has an artificial origin, it arose from a stream that diverted water from the fields. Falling from a small rock, the water freezes in winter in the form of strange icicle shapes similar to stalagmites.

Ice waterfalls

200 kilometers from Zagreb, on the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, there is a waterfall that surprises with its beauty. This is a whole cascade of 16 water bodies of turquoise color, where new waterfalls appear all the time. The largest of them is Sastavci, falling from 73 meters, and it looks like a picture painted by a master in winter. Between the lakes and waterfalls you can walk on special bridges.

On the Japanese island of Hokkaido, where ice festivals are held in winter, there are ice waterfalls that are considered not only the most beautiful but also the most extreme. Because of temperature fluctuations, they can be very fragile. But the 200-meter-high Little Princess waterfall is unparalleled.

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