Malaysia. Rest on Langkawi - sea, sun, palm trees!

Malaysia. Rest on Langkawi - sea, sun, palm trees!

Langkawi is 104 small green islands surrounded by unusually clear water. Nature and time have created a unique landscape here: the amazing waterfalls Telaga Tujuh, which means "Seven Wells", the famous cave Tua Cherita with inscriptions in an unknown language. This mysterious island is full of interesting legends. Perhaps the most famous is about Princess Mahsuri, who was mistakenly accused of treason and sentenced to death. The end of the woman's life was sad - before she died she cursed the island for 7 generations, saying it would remain devastated and abandoned. This may have been just a coincidence, but it was not until that time that the island began to develop.

The islanders, in memory of the princess, built the Mausoleum. Built of white marble, the Mahsuri Mausoleum is a very beautiful place, one of the favorite tourist attractions on the island. Nearby is placed an ancient well, according to legend it was dug by Mahsuri herself. Believe it or not, everyone decides for himself, but the well never dries up, even in the hot months. The well is a place of worship of the islanders. Next to the Mausoleum is built "Langkawi Underwater World" - the local oceanarium. At the bottom there is a 15 meter long tunnel so that visitors and locals can watch the exotic fish and other sea creatures.

The Crocodile Farm is astonishing in size; it is home to over a thousand alligators. Another of Mangkawi's many attractions is Pulau Payar Park. It was created to preserve the rare coral reefs and their inhabitants.

Malaysia. Rest on Langkawi - sea, sun, palm trees!

Air Hangat is no less popular place. Here you can watch the dance of snakes and elephants; if you want, you can swim in the target waters, undergo SPA-treatments, have a massage.

Also worth seeing sights such as "Cave of Legends", "Seven Wells", "Cableway", "Eastern Village", "Eagle Square" are magnificent waterfalls, parks, temples, mosques of the island.

Over the last decade, the Langkawi Islands have become a center of tourism. They are quite famous for their mystical past. A lot of celebrities have been here. Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II. Langkawi is a paradise for tourists who are in the mood for a quiet serene vacation in a beautiful setting.

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