The windows are closing, or a vacation in Malaysia

When we entered the room, we found that things were scattered all over the room, the cosmetics on the table and on the bedside tables were also lying on the floor, and the towels that were hanging in the bathroom were now forming something like a shawl on my bed. We stood there for a long time wondering what was wrong, but when we noticed the balcony door, which we had forgotten to close on our way to the beach, the reason for the destruction that had taken place in our apartment became obvious to us.

The windows are closing, or a vacation in Malaysia

Our hotel was located in the jungle on one of the islands of the Langkawi Archipelago, which is a territory of Malaysia. This place is truly amazing, and it is unclear why Phuket, Pattaya, Bali and Goa are so popular, but not Langkawi.

Once on the island, you completely forget that there is work, school, the subway, and traffic jams. The scenery on the island is incomparable; to say that it reminds you of the Bounty commercials is to say nothing. Speaking of "Bounty": there are so many coconuts there that they're practically lying on the road, they peel them, cut off about a third of the top to open the fruit, put a tube inside and ..... A wonderful natural drink is ready, you can enjoy the taste of coconut milk.

In addition to the sea, white sandy beach, palm trees and blue horizon, the fauna of this area is unforgettable. The first introduction to the natural world happened as soon as we were in the room. It was night, the hotel is in the jungle and its territory is quite large, so there is a small vehicle. It is impossible to call it a bus, shuttle bus or anything we are accustomed to. It is rather a small car, but without windows and doors, only with seats and handrails, so it is impossible to take shelter in it during the rain. This vehicle, designed to take guests and their luggage directly to their rooms, is driven by a rather friendly local man.

The windows are closing, or a vacation in Malaysia

When we entered the room, we felt incredibly happy and relieved after the tiring journey. Deciding to leave unpacking our luggage for the next day, we went straight to bed. But as soon as the lights went out, a new unknown sound came on, as if someone was scratching. Sensing some kind of danger in this, we decided to find the source of the sound. It was not difficult: on the inside of the mosquito net a huge locust was crawling, about the size of an adult's palm. For Moscow tourists, who are wary of any insects except the mosquito, such a room host caused fear and dread.

When we looked around, we found an insecticide spray on the table. Without thinking long and hard about how to use the spray, we sprayed it on the poor insect, but it had no effect. The locusts continued to crawl on the net without showing any signs that they were about to leave this mortal world. After a few minutes, the locusts were no longer visible from under the thick layer of spray, but they, now a large white spot, continued to move. There was nothing to do but pick it up with my hand wrapped in a towel and throw it out into the street. But it certainly took a titanic effort to venture into this feat. It was the first and last acquaintance with insects directly in the room.

Waking up in the morning and stepping out on the balcony, it is quite possible that on the tree, at arm's length, another of the nicest inhabitants of the forest, a squirrel, will be waiting for you. I did not manage to feed them, they are completely wild, and at the sight of a man they immediately climb to the top of the tree.

The main representative of fauna and the culprit of the mess in our room is a monkey. They sit quietly on the roofs of bungalows, walk almost hand in hand with tourists, and love to be fed various treats. Nevertheless, if you ever find yourself in Malaysia in the jungle, do not forget to close the windows and doors.

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