Malaysia - a vacation paradise

Malaysia strikes with beauty, kindness of the inhabitants and excellent conditions for tourism. The mild climate and excellent weather allow you to relax in Malaysia in any month of the year. And the widely represented resorts of Malaysia will provide a vacation for every taste.

Malaysia - a heavenly place to relax

There is no intolerance here, people are not subject to prejudices, and therefore only the sea and only you yourself, only the sun and only the most unusual and interesting events. There are many different religions in the country and all believers have various holidays and festivals. There are also celebrations without the imprint of religiosity. This is the festival of flowers, and Independence Day, and the birthday of the king.

But still, a trip to Malaysia is a vacation, these are its beautiful resorts, where vacationers are expected: gentle sea, beaches, amazing coral reefs.

Malaysia - a heavenly place to relax

The resort of Langkawi (translated as "red eagle") has such a name, thanks to the eagles living here with red-brick plumage. The red eagle is the symbol of the archipelago, and there is a monument to the eagle by the sea. Langkawi is a Malaysian archipelago, which is located off the coast of the Strait of Malacca, it consists of 99 islands. There are no historical and architectural monuments here, but there is a great opportunity to relax and admire the beauty of nature, untouched by man. An oceanarium called "Underwater World" has been opened on Langkawi. He collected more than five thousand species of fish, a large number of corals and other marine life.

Malaysia - a heavenly place to relax

Kota Kinobalu is the capital of the state of Sabah, located on the island of Borneo. Its other name - Singgat Mata ("on what the gaze lingers") is fully consistent with the truth. Coastal beaches, mountains, dense tropical forests delight with their wild beauty. The central promenade of Kota Kinobalu is a place for walks and evening relaxation. In the city, you need to visit the State Mosque, which can accommodate up to five thousand people at the same time, and a museum. Souvenirs and amazing things are sold at numerous street exhibitions.

Pangkor (translated as “beautiful island”) is located in the west of the Malay Peninsula, the state of Perak and fully justifies this name. It is considered the most beautiful place in Malaysia, created as if specifically for a beach holiday. Of the architectural monuments, it should be noted: the Dutch fortress - Fort Kota Blanda, as well as Fu Ling Kong, this is the name of the temple that the Chinese built.

Penang is an island with an unusual history. The island's first structure was Fort Cornwallis. You should definitely visit the Church of St. George, it was built by prisoners in the 19th century. At the entrance stands a monument to Francis Light. There are many temples on the island and this is the only place where you can visit the Serpent Temple with live snakes.

Malaysia - a heavenly place to relax

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, located in the center of the country. This largest metropolis is permeated with the atmosphere of celebration and fun. Architectural monuments: Masjid Jame Mosque, Department of Information, public buildings that have survived from the time of colonization, the Supreme Court, as well as a large number of temples and mosques.

Malaysia - a heavenly place to relax

Vacation trips to the resorts of Malaysia require the most comfortable accommodation, so all the resorts of the archipelago have first-class hotels with the most modern services.

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