Autumn vacations

Autumn vacations

Autumn holidays have a number of advantages over other seasons. The first half, or velvet season carries the signs of a full summer vacation, except that the days are shorter and the nights are cooler.

However, in the southern seaside resorts there is still a bathing season, you can get a good tan without the risk of sunburn. Stable weather, calm and relaxed environment is favorable for a good rest, a quick restoration of mental balance after a long period of constant stress, to which a person is exposed during the year.

Many people of mature age prefer to vacation during the velvet season and the fall season in general. This is not just because they do not have to go back to school or send their children to school. It is simply during this period, as in no other time, it is possible to feel a part of the universe, to merge with nature, to take the necessary fresh strength, to improve their health.

As far as health is concerned, it is recreation in the fall that contributes to its best strengthening. During this period, the fastest reduction in daylight hours, the body is restructuring for the winter period. It is proven that a vacation at a seaside resort in the fall for residents of temperate and colder climates allows them to survive the long, cold winter without too many health problems. Respiratory diseases tend to bypass these people, and if they happen, then proceed much more easily, without complications. Fall, in addition - a golden time, when the abundance and availability of fruits, vegetables, grapes can saturate the body with everything necessary to improve health.

The popularity of autumn vacations increases every year. This can be seen in the significant growth of the total number of holidaymakers during the year, with virtually unchanged figures in the summer. This is also facilitated by seasonal discounts with the same high quality of service, recently practiced by the majority of sanatoriums and resorts.

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