Dallol Volcano (Ethiopia). Overview, photo, video

Dallol Volcano (Ethiopia). Overview, photo, video

One of the most extraterrestrial landscapes on the planet can be found in Ethiopia: the Dallol volcano. The volcano, along with the surrounding area, looks as if it came from a painting by an artist who imagined what Jupiter and Mars look like.

Dallol Volcano (Ethiopia). Overview, photo, video Here red-hot lava pours directly from the rocks, and the ground is covered with a salt crust, which is painted in the most intricate colors due to the interaction with sulfur. Everywhere you look, and everywhere you look unique natural formations in the form of alien umbrellas, salt columns and other figures that appear here due to geysers and hot springs, and in the south-west, due to erosion, the salt canyon was formed. In the midst of all this very interesting landscape it is quite difficult to distinguish the volcano itself. This volcano is the lowest in the world. Its height is forty-five meters below sea level.

Dallol Volcano (Ethiopia). Overview, photo, video According to some Old Testament sources and tradition, Ethiopia was the site of part of the Garden of Eden. It is also mentioned that a people lived in these lands who guarded the "infernal abyss. Around the volcano even today live militant people of the local tribe. In a place where it is quite difficult to get water, as the volcano, still active, is located almost the hottest area in the world.

And who knows, maybe even now, they live in this lifeless land, to guard the gates to the "hellish abyss", like their ancestors...

Video about Dallol volcano, but if you want, you can find other Ethiopian vacation videos:

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