A winter vacation in the magical Pelion Mountains (Greece)

A winter vacation in the magical Pelion Mountains (Greece)

The Pelion Mountains are some of the most beautiful mountains in Greece, characterized by their attractiveness and natural harmony. Mount Pelion, tourists from all over the world usually choose for their winter holidays, every year. The luxurious mansions built in picturesque areas meet the needs of all visitors.

A winter vacation in the magical Pelion Mountains (Greece) One of the most distinctive houses that stand in the village of Pinacates, a guest house of incomparable beauty and sophistication. This house is built for local architecture in stone and wood. Sakali Mansion has recently updated its facilities and services to provide high quality luxury accommodations for families and friends looking for a warm, cozy and intimate place to stay.

In winter, everything in Pelion looks beautiful. Traditional stone houses, bridges, streets, Byzantine churches and monasteries, all covered with a white layer of snow, and the result is stunning.

A winter vacation in the magical Pelion Mountains (Greece) Start your walk through the picturesque streets of Pelion and at the end of the walk visit one of the large luxury rooms or suites of Sakali Mansion, with a beautiful view of the snowy slopes of Pelion and Pagasitikos mountains. Relax by the fireplace, enjoy the fragrant aromas of the forest, taste a taste of red wine, or choose an exhilarating stay in the spa atmosphere of the hostel.

If you are planning your winter vacation or just a weekend getaway, Pelion is the perfect place. To take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, a carefree trip to the mountains and satisfy the desire for the inner state.

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