Attractions in Malta

Attractions in Malta

While enjoying an unforgettable holiday in Malta, don't forget to check out the local attractions, because there really is a lot to see on the island! And don't be embarrassed by the small size of Malta, you'll be overwhelmed by its abundance.

And the whole reason is the history of this small island, who hasn't conquered it?! And the Phoenicians, and the Romans, and the French, and the Byzantines ... Meanwhile, the culture of each new nation has left its mark here. Let's talk about the places of interest in Malta you should visit first.

Did you know that the Maltese sanctuaries, consisting of huge blocks of stone weighing 2 - 3 tons, are much older than other more famous creations of mankind - the Egyptian pyramids. Neither much nor little, but the difference is about a thousand years. It is clear that modern technology allows you to erect a lot more large-scale things, but for the scientific world remains an unsolvable riddle, how in such a deep antiquity people managed to build something from such giants.

When it comes to the sights of Malta, you can not ignore the underground temple of Hal Saflieni, which the creators have carved into the rocks for more than a century. This is a tiered structure with an area comparable to a decent garage. And in our time the remains of over 7 thousand people were found there. The temple of Hal Saflieni was a place of cult burials and worship, and priestesses were trained here in their sacramental art.

Valletta is the capital of the island of Malta. In fact, it is not just a city, but the real open-air museum. Without exaggeration, it's worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Visit the magnificent palaces and temples and the well-preserved city-fortress, which defended the city's borders in the Middle Ages. See the beauty of the majestic palaces of Parisio and Castile.

Attractions in MaltaThe local president and parliamentarians, even today, sit in the former home of the Magister, and on certain days, tourists are allowed in. It even happens that the president himself comes out and speaks to the guests of the city.

Also be sure to visit the magnificent archaeological museum located in the Palace of Provence.

Medina is the ancient capital of Malta, hidden in the heart of the island. Cicero expressed his admiration for this wonderful city. The wall around Medina was built 1,000 years before Christ. The bastions of Medina are astonishingly high and offer an unforgettable panorama of the surrounding scenery, including the sea shining somewhere in the distance.

When you arrive in the Medina, go to its central street, Vileganon. This is where most of the architectural gems of the city are concentrated. For example, the famous Kassa Testaferrata, the largest palace in the Medina. And nearby is St. Paul's Cathedral. Walking along the main street, you will eventually reach Bastion Square, where the main attraction is the temple of Proserpina, an ancient structure in honor of the goddess of the underworld and fertility.

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