Excursion to Ko Mak Island

Ko Mak Island

Koh Maak Island is not far from Cambodia. It takes 4 hours to get here first by car and then another hour and a half by fast catamaran. While on the island you can see the slopes of the Cardamom Mountains, which are located along the coastline.

Thairehab - rehabilitation in Thailand in a health complex, located in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, in southern Thailand. A luxurious villa with its own swimming pool, gym and garden with tropical plants, round-the-clock attention of psychologists, trainers and teachers, meals from the chef of a Moscow restaurant.

It is not so popular among tourists, and the tourism industry on the island is underdeveloped. The small number of coastal hotels and the complete absence of noisy night parties somewhat restrains the flow of those wishing to come here.

The island is inhabited, the local population does not pay much attention to visitors and goes about their business. There is a decree prohibiting loud music and noisy orgies after 10 p.m., and it is strictly enforced. You won't hear noisy parties after 10 p.m. on the coast or in the center of the island.

Excursion to Ko Mak Island

Lovers of a quiet rest here will feel in complete solitude with nature. You can walk or rent a bicycle at any hotel. For walks there is a full expanse, mountain slopes and rainforests. On the island there are farms where they grow geweja. For tourists is of some interest to see how the locals harvest rubber.

Despite the fact that there are few hotels, among them there are several with the most sophisticated service. The level of service on the island of Ko Mak, local hotels are not inferior to the most famous world holiday destinations, such as the Maldives, Seychelles and others. But if you take the ratio of price and comfort of rest, then the hotels of Ko Iak is not equal.

Arrived tourists are accommodated in The newly built resort spa hotel. The hotel has everything for a comfortable stay: swimming pools, gym and tennis courts for sports. You can take a Finnish sauna or a Turkish bath. For meals there are restaurants with tropical garden.

The hotel is located along the seashore, and there are 27 bungalows on the coast for visitors. The bungalows are all decorated in designer style, the rooms are large, and you can sunbathe directly on the verandas while looking at the beautiful pictures of the seascapes.

You can move around the territory of the spa hotel on free electric cars, which are regularly running here. For bathing there are own sandy beaches, with access to the sea on special bridges.

Ko Mak Island

Brief overview of the tour program

Day One
06-20 Boarding the bus, departure from Pattaya.
10-20 Arrival at the place of boarding the catamaran, transfer to the island of Ko Mak.
12-40 Checking into the spa hotel bungalow.
We rest, swim, sunbathe, walk around the island, or ride a bike.

Day Two
07-50...09-50 Waking up, light breakfast at the hotel.
12-30 Boarding the catamaran, heading back.
14-10 We get on the bus and leave for Pattaya.
17-40 Arrival in Pattaya.

Bring: a copy of your passport, swimwear, towel, sunscreen, photo and video camera, money.
The tour includes: roundtrip travel, bungalows in a 3* hotel, breakfasts at the hotel, guide.

Cost of the tour: 4,800 baht for adults, 3,500 baht for children under 7 years old. The price is valid for Thursday departures as a group.
On other days individually with 2 people on any day. The price for an adult is 6000 baht, for a child 3800 baht.
If you extend for 1 night, extra 1750 baht.

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