Advice from a doctor. Or what to put in the first aid kit?

Advice from a doctor. Or what to put in the first aid kit?

No matter how you spin it, but at least the minimum of necessary medications should be taken with you anyway. So what should I put in there?

If you're going on vacation in the summer and your time includes sunbathing, then you certainly need a variety of sunscreen and in emergencies we advise you to pack sunburn remedies.

It is better to use bottled water for drinking. Remember that when you are away from home, it is very difficult for your enzyme system to readjust. Because our digestive tract is programmed to process foods that are specific to the area in which we live and where our ancestors lived. And if you are going to travel to other countries, then at first, foreign dishes should be present in your diet no more than a quarter of the total.

Also, a few weeks before your trip, doctors recommend taking a medication such as Linex to protect your own bacteria to avoid diarrhea. This drug prevents harmful bacteria from multiplying in your intestines. You should also fortify yourself with vitamins, to harden your immune system.

If you are afraid of planes, and feel uncomfortable taking off or landing, you need to take some sedatives.

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