Traditional Turkish breakfast

Traditional Turkish breakfast
They love to eat in Turkey. It's a leisurely, intimate conversation, with family or friends. One important ritual that reveals the culture and traditions of the country is the Turkish breakfast. In short, the morning meal can be described in two words - abundance and variety. However, the tradition deserves a closer look and, if possible, a thorough tasting.

What's in a Turkish breakfast

The place of honor during a Turkish breakfast is given to tea. It is served before a meal or simultaneously with other snacks. Black tea is drunk from special glass glasses in the shape of an unopened tulip. The drink is brewed strong, at the rate of a teaspoon of brew per serving. Tea may be served several times, in two-tiered, traditional teapots or, modern teapots, with two compartments - for hot water and brew.

A traditional Turkish breakfast requires cheese, olives, butter, eggs, vegetables, honey, various confitters, jams, bread, boiled or fried sausage. Eggs can be boiled, in the form of scrambled eggs or menemann omelet. This dish is served directly in a frying pan and is fried vegetables with eggs. At home, and often in restaurants, menemann is eaten from a shared skillet, with slices of bread.

A special treat at breakfast is to try fragrant, freshly baked bread. In some cases, they offer regular bread from the bakery or flatbread baked in a traditional oven - tandoor. Often on the table there is a simit - a crispy bagel with sesame seeds or puff pastries made of thin dough, with various fillings. All bread products can be eaten either with eggs or sausage, or spread with jam, honey or jam.

The vegetables on the morning table are tomatoes and cucumbers. As a rule, vegetables are chopped coarsely, not in the form of a salad. Greens are never offered for breakfast.

Where to try a traditional Turkish breakfast

For a traditional Turkish breakfast can expect guests of hotels and resorts. It can be served in full or "abbreviated" form, but the basic components will always be present: tea, bread, eggs, jams, honey, olives, vegetables. In institutions where there is a buffet system, you can create your own breakfast, choosing from the proposed options.

Traditional breakfast in Istanbul

You can have a good and tasty breakfast, and after that, eat ice cream with salep (orchid root powder), at a restaurant of the MADO chain. This place is common in Istanbul and is present in every neighborhood.

For breakfast with a view of the Bosphorus, you can eat at Oba Park Restaurant near Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge. In Taksim district, you can start your day at Dogaciyiz Gourmet. Not far from the Galata Tower, you can visit the cozy Privato Cafe.

Traditional breakfast in Antalya

Ikbal Konyaalti is a popular family restaurant among the residents of Antalya. The restaurant is located in the city center, on Ataturk Boulevard. It offers several types of traditional breakfast and desserts.

If you want to have a secluded breakfast in an atmospheric place, you can go to the village Beycik (2 hours from Antalya). In addition to the gorgeous view of the sea from the improvised arbor-house on a tree, the owner of the place will offer delicious homemade food.

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